Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Acting Speaker--appointment by Legislative Assembly

             (1)  Before or during any absence of the Speaker, or during any inability of the Speaker, for any reason, to exercise the powers or perform the functions of the Speaker, the Legislative Assembly may appoint a member to exercise those powers and perform those functions during the absence or inability of the Speaker.

             (2)  A reference in this Act or in any other law in force in the Territory to the Speaker shall be read as including a reference to a person appointed under subsection (1).

             (3)  An appointment under subsection (1) remains in force until:

                     (a)  the absence or inability of the Speaker ceases;

                     (b)  the appointment is revoked by the Legislative Assembly;

                     (c)  the person appointed resigns his or her appointment by writing signed by him or her and delivered to the Administrator;

                     (d)  the person appointed ceases to be a member of the Legislative Assembly otherwise than by reason of the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly; or

                     (e)  the Legislative Assembly first meets after a general election of the Legislative Assembly that takes place after the appointment takes effect;

whichever first happens.

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