Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Definition of essentially derived  
   5.      Definition of breeding  
   6.      Genetic modification  
   8.      Approved persons  
   9.      Act to bind Crown  
   9A.     Application of the Criminal Code  
   9B.     Extension to Norfolk Island  
   10.     Extent of Act  


   11.     General nature of PBR  
   12.     Extension of PBR to cover essentially derived varieties  
   13.     Extension of PBR to cover certain dependent plant varieties  
   14.     Extension of PBR to harvested material in certain circumstances  
   15.     Extension of PBR to products obtained from harvested material in certain circumstances  
   16.     Certain acts done for private, experimental or breeding purposes do not infringe PBR  
   17.     Conditioning and use of farm saved seed does not infringe PBR  
   18.     Restrictions on exercise of PBR in certain circumstances  
   19.     Reasonable public access to plant varieties covered by PBR  
   20.     PBR is personal property  
   21.     Registrar must be notified of an assignment of PBR  
   22.     Duration of PBR  
   23.     Exhaustion of PBR  


           Division 1--The making of the application

   24.     Right to apply for PBR  
   25.     Right to apply for PBR is personal property  
   26.     Form of application for PBR  
   27.     Names of new plant varieties  
   28.     Applications to be given priority dates  
   29.     Priority dates arising from foreign application  
   30.     Acceptance or rejection of applications  
   31.     Requests for variation of application  
   32.     Notification of decisions on requests to vary application  
   33.     Withdrawal of application  

           Division 2--Dealing with the application after its acceptance

   34.     Detailed description in support of application to be given to Registrar  
   35.     Objection to application for PBR  
   36.     Inspection of applications and objections  
   37.     Test growing of plant varieties  
   38.     Characteristics of plant varieties bred or test grown outside Australia  

           Division 3--Provisional protection

   39.     Provisional protection  

           Division 4--Essential derivation

   40.     Essential derivation for PBR - protected varieties--declaration  
   41.     Essential derivation for PBR - protected varieties--test growing  
   41A.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected second varieties--application for declaration  
   41B.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected varieties--publication of applications  
   41C.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected varieties--opportunity to be heard  
   41D.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected varieties--declaration  
   41E.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected varieties--test growing  
   41F.    Essential derivation for non - PBR - protected varieties--application lodged for PBR in second variety  


           Division 1--Grant of Plant Breeder's Right

   43.     Registrable plant varieties  
   44.     Grant of PBR  
   45.     Grant of PBR to be exclusive  
   46.     Grant of PBR to be entered on Register  
   47.     Notice of grant of PBR  
   48.     Effect of grant of PBR  
   49.     PBR may be subject to conditions  

           Division 2--Revocation of Plant Breeder's Right or declaration of essential derivation

   50.     Revocation of PBR  
   51.     Entry of particulars of revocation  
   52.     Surrender of PBR  


   53.     Infringement of PBR  
   54.     Actions for infringement  
   54A.    Counterclaims to actions for infringement  
   55.     Declarations as to non - infringement  
   56.     Jurisdiction of the Federal Court  
   56A.    Jurisdiction of Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2)  
   57.     Innocent infringement  
   57A.    Application for relief from unjustified threats  
   57B.    Court's power to grant relief  
   57C.    Counterclaim for infringement  
   57D.    Notification of PBR in a plant variety not a threat  
   57E.    Liability of legal practitioner  


   58.     Registrar of Plant Breeder's Rights  
   59.     Delegation  
   60.     Certain persons not to acquire PBR  
   61.     Register of Plant Varieties  
   62.     Inspection of Register  
   62A.    Registrar's power to rectify Register  


   68.     Public notices  
   69.     Notices inviting submissions in respect of certain regulations  
   70.      Genetic resource centres  
   71.     The herbarium  
   72.     Agents may act in matters relating to PBR  
   72A.    Notifications by Registrar under this Act or regulations  
   72B.     Manner in which documents may be lodged with or given to Registrar  
   72C.    Approved means of lodging or giving documents  
   73.     Service of documents  
   74.     Infringement offences  
   75.     Offences other than infringement offences  
   76.     Conduct by directors, employees and agents  
   76A.    Doing act when PBR office reopens after end of period otherwise provided for doing act  
   76B.    Computerised decision - making  
   77.     Applications for review  
   78.     Repeal  
   79.     Compensation for acquisition of property  
   80.     Regulations  
   80A.     Approved means of paying a fee  


   81.     Definitions  
   82.     Plant variety rights under old Act to be treated as PBR under this Act  
   83.     Applications for plant variety rights lodged and criminal proceedings begun before commencing day  
   84.     Other applications and proceedings under old Act  
   86.     Register of Plant Varieties  

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