Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Contributions satisfy State or Territory law requirements--chosen funds and stapled funds etc.

  (1)   This section applies to an employer that is a corporation to which paragraph   51(xx) of the Constitution applies.

  (2)   A requirement in a law of a State or Territory that the employer make contributions to a superannuation fund on behalf of an employee is not enforceable to the extent that the employer instead makes the contributions on behalf of the employee to another superannuation fund:

  (a)   in compliance with this Part   in a case where the other fund is a chosen fund for the employee; or

  (b)   in compliance with subsection   32C(1A) (about contributions to stapled funds); or

  (c)   in compliance with subsection   32C(2AB) in a case where subparagraph   32C(2AB)(b)(iii) applies (about contributions to a successor fund of a stapled fund).

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