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Payment to a widow allowance recipient

             (1)  A woman is qualified for an education entry payment under this section if:

                     (a)  either:

                              (i)  the Secretary is satisfied that she intends to enrol in a full-time or part-time course of education that is an approved course under the ABSTUDY scheme; or

                             (ii)  she is enrolled in such a course; and

                     (b)  immediately before she commences the course of education, she:

                              (i)  is receiving widow allowance; and

                             (ii)  is a long-term social security recipient; and

                     (c)  she has not, within the last 12 months, received a payment under this Part.

Note 1:       For long-term social security recipient see subsection 23(1).

Note 2:       Transitional provisions apply to this section for 9 months after 1 January 1995 (see section 11 of the Social Security (Parenting Allowance and Other Measures) Legislation Amendment Act 1994 ).

Reduction of qualification period during designated period

             (2)  Subsection (1) has effect during the designated period as if it were modified as follows:

                     (a)  by omitting subparagraph (b)(ii) and substituting the following subparagraph:

                             (ii)  had been receiving income support payments in respect of a continuous period of at least 4 weeks (whether or not the kind of payment received has changed over the period and whether the period or any part of it occurred before or after 1 January 2009); and

                     (b)  by omitting Note 1 and substituting the following notes:

Note 1:       For income support payment see subsection 23(1).

Note 1A:    For the determination of whether a person received income support payments in respect of a continuous period of at least 4 weeks see section 38B.

             (3)  For the purposes of subsection (2), the designated period is the period beginning on 1 January 2009 and ending at the end of:

                     (a)  30 June 2010; or

                     (b)  if a later date is determined by the Minister by legislative instrument--that later date.

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