Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Special Benefit Employment Pathway Plans--revocation of requirement to participate in approved program of work

             (1)  If a Special Benefit Employment Pathway Plan that is in force in relation to a person requires the person to participate in an approved program of work for income support payment, the Secretary may, by notice given to the person, revoke the requirement to participate in the program if the Secretary:

                     (a)  is satisfied that the person or the person's partner has income; or

                     (b)  forms the opinion that:

                              (i)  it has been established that there is medical evidence that the person has an illness, disability or injury that would be aggravated by the conditions in which the work would be performed; or

                             (ii)  performing the work in the conditions in which the work would be performed would constitute a risk to health or safety or would contravene a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory relating to occupational health and safety; or

                     (c)  is satisfied that the person is at least 50 years of age and is not a person to whom subsection 28(4) applies.

             (2)  Upon the Secretary so notifying the person, the requirement is taken to have been revoked with effect from the day specified in the notice.

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