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Condition for giving a foreign preservation notice

             (1)  An entity mentioned in the following table may request the Australian Federal Police to arrange for the preservation of stored communications that:

                     (a)  relate to a specified person or specified telecommunications service; and

                     (b)  are held by a carrier; and

                     (c)  are relevant to an investigation, investigative proceeding, or proceeding relating to a serious foreign contravention;

if the entity intends to make a request (an access request ) under a provision mentioned in the table to the Attorney-General to arrange for access to those stored communications.


Requesting access to stored communications


This entity:

May make an access request under:


a foreign country

paragraph 15B(d) of the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 1987


the International Criminal Court

paragraph 78A(b) of the International Criminal Court Act 2002


a War Crimes Tribunal

paragraph 34A(b) of the International War Crimes Tribunals Act 1995

             (2)  The request by the entity to the Australian Federal Police must:

                     (a)  be in writing; and

                     (b)  name the entity or the entity's authority concerned with the serious foreign contravention; and

                     (c)  specify the serious foreign contravention that is the subject of the investigation, investigative proceeding or proceeding; and

                     (d)  specify information identifying the stored communications to be preserved and the relationship between those communications and the serious foreign contravention; and

                     (e)  specify any information the entity has that identifies the carrier that holds the stored communications; and

                      (f)  if the stored communications relate to a specified person--specify any information the entity has that identifies the telecommunications service to which the stored communications relate; and

                     (g)  specify the reasons why the stored communications need to be preserved; and

                     (h)  specify that the entity intends to make an access request for the stored communications.

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