Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Provisions applying to warrants issued under section 9 or 9A

Request must be forwarded in writing

             (1)  Where the Director-General of Security makes a request, otherwise than in writing, for the issue of a warrant under section 9 or 9A, he or she must forthwith forward to the Attorney-General a request in writing for the warrant.

Warrants authorising entry

             (2)  Where a warrant under section 9 or 9A authorises entry on premises, the warrant:

                     (a)  must state whether entry is authorised to be made at any time of the day or night or only during specified hours; and

                     (b)  may, if the Attorney-General thinks fit--provide that entry may be made without permission first being sought or demand first being made, and may authorise measures that he or she is satisfied are necessary for that purpose.

Length of time warrant remains in force

             (3)  A warrant under section 9 or 9A must specify the period for which it is to remain in force. The warrant may be revoked by the Attorney-General at any time before the end of the specified period.

          (3A)  The specified period must not exceed:

                     (a)  if subparagraph 9(1)(a)(ia) applies--3 months; or

                     (b)  otherwise--6 months.

Issue of further warrant

             (4)  Subsection (3) does not prevent the issue of a further warrant in respect of a telecommunications service or a person (as the case may be) in relation to which or whom a warrant has, or warrants have, previously been issued.

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