Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Medical certificates--cancellation and suspension in other cases

             (1)  CASA may, by written notice given to the holder of a medical certificate, cancel the certificate, or suspend it for a specified period, if there are reasonable grounds for believing that the holder:

                     (a)  has contravened a condition to which the certificate is subject; or

                     (b)  has contravened subregulation 67.265(3) or (4); or

                     (c)  has failed to comply with a direction under regulation 67.230.

             (2)  A notice must set out the grounds for the cancellation or suspension.

             (3)  Before cancelling or suspending a medical certificate, CASA must:

                     (a)  give a show cause notice to the holder of the certificate of the facts and circumstances that, in the opinion of CASA, justify consideration being given to the cancellation or suspension of the certificate; and

                     (b)  allow the holder to show cause (within the time CASA sets out in that notice, being a period of not less than 14 days after the notice was given), why the certificate should not be cancelled or suspended.

Subpart 67.D -- Modified Austroads medical standards


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