Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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General requirements for documents

                   Unless ASIC otherwise approves, a document to be lodged must:

                     (a)  be on white or light pastel colour paper:

                              (i)  of international A4 size; and

                             (ii)  of medium weight and good quality; and

                     (b)  be clearly printed or written in black or dark blue in a manner that is permanent and will make possible a reproduction, by photographic, computerised or other electronic means that is satisfactory to ASIC; and

                     (c)  not be a carbon copy or a copy reproduced by any spirit duplication method; and

                     (d)  subject to paragraph (h), have margins of not less than 10 millimetres on all sides; and

                     (e)  if it comprises 2 or more sheets, be fastened together securely in the top left-hand corner; and

                      (f)  for a document for a corporation, managed investment scheme or sub-fund of a CCIV (the subject )--display on the first page of the document or, if the document is a single sheet, on that sheet:

                              (i)  the subject's name; and

                             (ii)  subject to regulation 7.6.03, the subject's ACN, ARBN, ARSN or ARFN; and

                            (iii)  subject to regulation 7.6.03, if the last 9 digits of the subject's ABN are the same, and in the same order, as the last 9 digits of the subject's ACN, ARBN, ARSN or ARFN--the subject's ABN; and

                            (iv)  if the subject is a managed investment scheme that is a notified foreign passport fund--the NFPFRN for the fund and any other unique number for the fund allocated to the fund by ASIC; and

                    (fa)  for all documents--display on the first page of the document or, if the document is a single sheet, on that sheet:

                              (i)  the title of the document; and

                             (ii)  the section number of the Act under which the document is being lodged; and

                     (g)  have the following information at the top left-hand of the first sheet:

                              (i)  registered agent number (if any); and

                             (ii)  lodging party or agent name; and

                            (iii)  address; and

                            (iv)  telephone number; and

                             (v)  facsimile number (if any); and

                            (vi)  DX number and applicable suburb or city (if any); and

                     (h)  at the top right-hand of the first sheet, have a blank space that measures 35 millimetres from the top of the page and 65 millimetres from the right-hand side of the page; and

                      (j)  if the document is a form relating to a no liability company, be completed by inserting the words 'No Liability' in place of the word 'Limited'; and

                     (k)  in the case of an unlimited company, have the word 'Limited' omitted; and

                      (l)  if the document contains maps or charts on which areas have been distinguished by colour, also distinguish those areas by hatching, numbering or lettering.

Note:          In addition to the requirements in paragraph (f), if a managed investment scheme is also an Australian passport fund, all documents relating to the fund lodged with ASIC must also include the scheme's APFRN: see section 1212B of the Act.

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