Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Instrument of transfer

             (1)  This regulation applies if:

                     (a)  the personal representative of a dead holder for section 1091 of the old Corporations Act completed all the steps necessary to require a company:

                              (i)  to register a transfer; and

                             (ii)  to pay to the personal representative any dividends or money accrued in respect of the share, debenture or interest being transferred up to the time of execution of the transfer; and

                     (b)  the company:

                              (i)  did not register the transfer before the FSR commencement; or

                             (ii)  did not make some or all of the payment before the FSR commencement.

             (2)  Section 1091 of the old Corporations Act, and any associated provisions, continue to apply to the extent necessary to allow the company to register the transfer and make the payment.

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