Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Notice of first meeting of creditors

             (1)  This regulation is made for paragraph 436E(3)(b) of the Act.

             (2)  The information about a meeting that is to be set out in a notice is at least the following information:

                     (a)  the name of the company;

                     (b)  any trading name of the company;

                     (c)  the ACN of the company;

                     (d)  the section of the Act or, in the case of a combined notice, the sections of the Act under which the notice is being given;

                     (e)  the time, date and place for the meeting;

                      (f)  the purpose for which the meeting is being convened under that section;

                     (g)  the time and date by which proofs of debt, and proxies for the meeting, are to be submitted;

                     (h)  the name and contact details of the administrator;

                      (i)  the date on which the administrator was appointed;

                      (j)  the section of the Act under which the administrator was appointed.

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