Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Contents of CSF offer document--general

             (1)  For the purposes of subsection 738J(2) of the Act, this regulation, and regulations 6D.3A.03, 6D.3A.04, 6D.3A.05 and 6D.3A.06, specify the information that must be contained in a CSF offer document for a CSF offer of securities (the securities on offer ) made by a company (the offering company ).

             (2)  Subregulation (1) does not prevent a CSF offer document from containing other information.

Note 1:       The other information may be contained in a section identified in subregulation (3), in another section of the offer document or in an appendix to the offer document.

Note 2:       An appendix to the offer document is part of the offer document.

             (3)  The offer document must contain a table of contents and sections dealing with the following matters:

                     (a)  Section 1: Risk warnings;

                     (b)  Section 2: Information about the offering company;

                     (c)  Section 3: Information about the offer;

                     (d)  Section 4: Information about investor rights.

             (4)  Information required to be contained in a section of the offer document may be presented in any order within the section.

Note:          The contents of the CSF offer document may be published in a commonly accessible digital format.

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