Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Transitional provision for joining of Chi-X

             (1)  This regulation is made for the purposes of section 891B of the Act.

             (2)  This regulation applies in relation to a joining market (within the meaning of that section) if:

                     (a)  the market is operated by Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd, or by a subsidiary of Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd; and

                     (b)  the day on which Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd becomes a member of the SEGC (the joining day ) is on or after the commencement of this regulation.

             (3)  Compensation may be claimed under a provision of these Regulations set out in column 1 of the following table in respect of a loss that is:

                     (a)  connected with the joining market; and

                     (b)  not connected with any other financial market to which Division 4 of Part 7.5 of the Act applies;

only if the loss meets the transitional condition set out in column 2 of that table item.


Joining of Chi-X--transitional conditions for compensation claims


Column 1

Column 2
Transitional condition


Regulation 7.5.24, 7.5.25, 7.5.26 or 7.5.27 (about contract guarantees)

The prescribed period for the relevant reportable transaction ends on or after the joining day.


Regulation 7.5.54 or 7.5.55 (about unauthorised transfers)

The unauthorised execution occurs on or after the joining day.


Regulation 7.5.64 (about claims in respect of insolvent participants)

The time at which the dealer becomes insolvent is on or after the joining day.

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