Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Obligation to notify ASIC of certain matters

             (1)  For paragraph 912D(3)(c) of the Act, the following Commonwealth legislation is specified:

                     (a)  Australian National Registry of Emissions Units Act 2011 ;

                    (aa)  Banking Act 1959 ;

                   (ab)  Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011 ;

                     (b)  Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001 ;

                     (c)  Financial Sector (Shareholdings) Act 1998 ;

                     (d)  Financial Sector (Transfer and Restructure) Act 1999 ;

                     (e)  Insurance Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1991 ;

                      (f)  Insurance Act 1973 ;

                     (g)  Insurance Contracts Act 1984 ;

                     (h)  Life Insurance Act 1995 ;

                      (i)  Retirement Savings Accounts Act 1997 ;

                      (j)  Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 .

Certain breaches not required to be notified

             (2)  For the purposes of paragraph 912D(4)(b) of the Act:

                     (a)  the following civil penalty provisions of the Act are prescribed:

                              (i)  subsection 798H(1);

                             (ii)  subsection 901E(1);

                           (iia)  subsection 921BA(5) in so far as it relates to subsection 921BA(4);

                           (iib)  subsection 921BB(4);

                           (iic)  subsection 921E(3);

                            (iii)  subsection 922M(5);

                            (iv)  subsection 941A(3);

                             (v)  subsection 941B(4);

                            (vi)  subsection 962G(4);

                           (vii)  subsection 962S(5);

                          (viii)  subsection 962S(8);

                            (ix)  subsection 962U(3);

                             (x)  subsection 962V(3);

                            (xi)  subsection 981B(3);

                           (xii)  subsection 981C(2);

                          (xiii)  subsection 1012A(5);

                          (xiv)  subsection 1012B(6);

                           (xv)  subsection 1012C(11);

                          (xvi)  subsection 1017BA(4B);

                         (xvii)  subsection 1017BB(5AA);

                        (xviii)  subsection 1021E(8);

                          (xix)  subsection 1021G(3);

                           (xx)  section 1101AC; and

                     (b)  all civil penalty provisions of Commonwealth legislation that is specified in subregulation (1) are prescribed.

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