Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Specific requirements in all cases

                   For paragraph 1017D(5)(g) of the Act, if a reporting period is the exit reporting period, the issuer of a superannuation product (other than the trustee of a self managed superannuation fund or pooled superannuation trust) must include in the periodic report given to a person who ceases, otherwise than by death to hold the product:

                     (a)  the information mentioned in regulation 7.9.19; and

                     (b)  in relation to a death or disability benefit that ceases or reduces, because the person has ceased to hold the product:

                              (i)  either:

                                        (A)  the amount of the death or disability benefit immediately before the person ceased to hold the product or at the end of the last reporting period; or

                                        (B)  the method of working out the death or disability benefit; and

                             (ii)  whether a continuation option is available to the person and, if it is, details of the option, a contact person who is available to discuss the option and a telephone number for the contact person.

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