Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Directions and orders

             (1)  At the first court date, the Court or a Registrar is to give orders or directions for the conduct of the proceeding.

             (2)  Without limiting subrule (1), the Court or a Registrar may hear and determine all or part of the proceedings.

             (3)  The Court or a Registrar may make orders or directions in relation to the following:

                     (a)  the manner and sufficiency of service;

                     (b)  the amendment of documents;

                     (c)  defining of issues;

                     (d)  the filing of affidavits;

                     (e)  cross-claims;

                      (f)  the joinder of parties;

                     (g)  dispute resolution;

                    (ga)  family counselling;

                     (h)  the admissibility of affidavits;

                      (i)  discovery and inspection of documents;

                      (j)  interrogatories;

                     (k)  inspections of real or personal property;

                      (l)  admissions of fact or of documents;

                    (m)  the giving of particulars;

                     (n)  the giving of evidence at hearing (including the use of statements of evidence and the taking of evidence by video link or telephone or other means);

                     (o)  expert evidence and court experts;

                     (p)  transfer of proceedings;

                     (q)  costs;

                      (r)  hearing date;

                      (s)  any other matter that the Court or Registrar considers appropriate.

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