Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Requirements for documents

             (1)  A document (other than a form) to be filed must:

                     (a)  be set out on 1 side only of size A4 durable white paper of good quality; and

                     (b)  be legible and without erasures, blotting out or material disfigurement; and

                     (c)  have a margin at the left side of at least 30 mm; and

                     (d)  have clear margins of at least 10 mm on the top, bottom and right sides; and

                     (e)  be written in English; and

                      (f)  be:

                              (i)  printed in a font of not less than 12 points; or

                             (ii)  hand-printed clearly in ink in a way that is permanent and can be photocopied to produce a copy satisfactory to the registrar; and

                     (g)  have a space of not less than 8 mm between the lines of printing.

          (1A)  However, unless the Court otherwise orders, strict compliance with subrule (1) is not required if the document:

                     (a)  is readable, including when it is bound; and

                     (b)  can be easily scanned and photocopied.

             (2)  This rule does not apply to a document annexed to an affidavit.

Note:          The Court may give directions limiting the length of documents to be filed:  see section 51 of the Act.

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