Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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General enforcement powers of Court

                   The Court may make any of the following orders:

                     (a)  an order declaring the total amount owing under an obligation;

                     (b)  an order that the total amount owing must be paid in full or by instalments and when the amount must be paid;

                   (ba)  an order for payment under rule 25B.09;

                     (c)  an order for enforcement (see rule 25B.11);

                     (d)  an order in aid of the enforcement of an obligation;

                     (e)  an order to prevent the dissipation or wasting of property;

                      (f)  an order for costs;

                     (g)  an order staying the enforcement of an obligation (including an enforcement order);

                     (h)  an order requiring the payer to attend an enforcement hearing;

                      (i)  an order requiring a party to give further information or evidence;

                      (j)  an order that a payer must file a financial statement;

                     (k)  an order that a payer must produce documents for inspection by the Court;

                      (l)  an order dismissing an application;

                    (m)  an order varying, suspending or discharging an enforcement order.

Note:          For the collection of child support, the Court has general powers set out in section 111B of the Registration Act.

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