Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Subpoenas for Division 28.5

             (1)  A party to an arbitral proceeding who wants the Court to issue a subpoena under section 23(3) of the International Arbitration Act (the issuing party ) must file an application, in accordance with Form 54.

             (2)  The application must be accompanied by:

                     (a)  a draft subpoena, in accordance with subrule (3); and

                     (b)  an affidavit stating the following:

                              (i)  the parties to the arbitral proceeding;

                             (ii)  the name of the arbitrator conducting the arbitral proceeding;

                            (iii)  the place where the arbitral proceeding is being conducted;

                            (iv)  the nature of the arbitral proceeding;

                             (v)  the terms of the permission given by the arbitral tribunal for the application;

                            (vi)  the conduct money (if appropriate) to be paid to the addressee;

                           (vii)  the witness expenses payable to the addressee.

             (3)  For paragraph (2)(a), the draft subpoena must be in accordance with:

                     (a)  for a subpoena to attend for examination before an arbitral tribunal--Form 55A; or

                     (b)  for a subpoena to produce to the arbitral tribunal the documents mentioned in the subpoena--Form 55B; or

                     (c)  for a subpoena to attend for examination and produce documents--Form 55C.

             (4)  The Court may:

                     (a)  fix an amount that represents the reasonable loss and expense the addressee will incur in complying with the subpoena; and

                     (b)  direct that the amount be paid by the issuing party to the addressee before or after the addressee complies with the subpoena.

             (5)  An amount fixed under subrule (4) is in addition to any conduct money or witness expenses payable under paragraph (2)(b).

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