Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Arrangements, grants and programs

(regulation 16)

Part 1 -- Arrangements under which public money is, or may become, payable by the Commonwealth

Note:          This Part is reserved for future use.

Part 2 -- Grants of financial assistance to a State or Territory

Note:          This Part is reserved for future use.

Part 3 -- Grants of financial assistance to persons other than a State or Territory



                       Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


Grant to Australian Industry Group under the International Trade Remedies Adviser Project Funding Agreement to employ and support an adviser to facilitate small and medium enterprises to access, and increase their awareness and understanding of, Australia's anti-dumping and countervailing system


                       Department of Immigration and Citizenship


Grant to Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia to advise the Australian Government on the views and needs of ethnic communities in Australia


                       Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education


Assistance to upgrade Simplot's processing plants in Tasmania


Objective: To provide financial assistance to upgrade Simplot's coal-fired vegetable processing facilities


Programs to assist in the transition to lower-emission energy sources


Objective: Assistance to transition to lower-emission energy sources


Alcoa Point Henry assistance


Objective: To increase the productivity and sustainability of the Point Henry aluminium smelter


Cairns Institute Tropical Innovation Hub


Objective: To support the construction of a new research facility to work on issues of significance to the tropics, including marine and climate science, public health, social and community welfare and Indigenous development


Establishment of an ICT-enabled research laboratory--Commonwealth assistance


Objective: Assistance to establish a global research and development laboratory at the University of Melbourne in Victoria


                       Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism


Grant to an entity to assist in the transition to lower-emission energy sources


Objective: Providing grants to an entity to assist in the transition to lower-emission energy sources

Part 4 -- Programs



                       Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


Australian Animal Welfare Strategy


Objective: To improve animal welfare outcomes, including for the export of livestock, by coordinated action at the national and international levels


Fisheries Resources Research Fund


Objective: To foster and enable productive, profitable, internationally-competitive and sustainable Australian fishing and aquaculture industries


Agriculture Advancing Australia--International Agricultural Cooperation


Objective: To maintain and improve international market access opportunities for Australia's agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries


Live Animal Exports--Business Assistance Improved Supply Chain and Official Development Assistance


Objective: To improve animal welfare outcomes, including for the export of livestock, by coordinated action at the national and international levels


Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis and Research


Australia's Biosecurity Strategy--Post Entry Quarantine--Communications


Animal Biosecurity & Response Reform


International Organisations Contributions--World Organisation for Animal Health


Other Exotic Disease Preparation


Payment to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)--Contribution to the operating costs of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory


Commonwealth contribution to operating costs of Animal Health Australia


Objective: These 7 programs support access to overseas markets and protect the economy and the environment from the impacts of unwanted pests and diseases through the safe movement to and from Australia of animals, plants and their products, including genetic material, people and cargo


Rural Financial Counselling Service


Objective: To support eligible primary producers and small businesses with targeted assistance to manage adjustment pressures and remain viable in the long term


Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Minor Use Program


Objective: To support the National Registration Scheme for agricultural and veterinary chemicals


International Organisations Contribution


Objective: To maintain and improve international market access opportunities for Australia's agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries


Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


Objective: To encourage science, innovation and technology in rural industries and help to advance the careers of young scientists through national recognition of their research ideas


The Australian Pest Animal Research Program


Objectives: To support applied research and extension projects that develop and promote improved integrated approaches for managing the impacts of pest animals (of national significance to agriculture but with benefits also flowing to the environment). The program also undertakes analyses to help prioritise Australian Government investment in pest animal management


Plant Biosecurity and Response Reform


Objective: To continue to reform Australia's biosecurity system to integrate biosecurity activities, scientific capabilities and analysis across the biosecurity continuum, and to strengthen partnerships between all governments in Australia and other countries, industry and the broader community, in line with government priorities and the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity


Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program ( ACLUMP )


Objective: To promote and support the development of nationally consistent land use and land management practices information for Australia


National Biosecurity Committee ( NBC ) small project fund


Objective: To provide support for projects that assist in progressing key NBC priorities or national biosecurity policy issues


Support for the Forest Industry


Objective: To foster and enable productive, profitable, internationally competitive and sustainable Australian forest and forest product industries, including in connection with interstate or overseas trade, Australia's international obligations, or otherwise for the benefit of the nation


Farm Finance--Loans


Objective: To provide grants of financial assistance to a State or the Northern Territory for the purposes of establishing and funding a scheme by which loans are provided to eligible farm businesses


                       Attorney-General's Department


Justice Services


Objective: To provide resources for legal assistance services for disadvantaged Australians and communities


Payments for membership of international bodies


Objective: To provide for annual membership payments to international bodies and organisations: the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH); the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO); the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT); and International Social Service (ISS)


Payments for grants to Australian organisations


Objectives: To fund the Commonwealth's contributions to Standing Committee on Law and Justice (SCLJ) programs and to provide grants to organisations with projects or activities that contribute to the pursuit of an equitable and accessible system of federal civil justice


Payments for the provision of legal aid in expensive Commonwealth criminal cases--Legal Aid Commissions


Objective: To administer the Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Cases Fund to which legal aid commissions can apply on a reimbursement basis


Payments for the provision of community legal services


Objective: To contribute to the provision of access to legal assistance services for disadvantaged members of the community and those with special needs and/or whose interest should be protected as a matter of public interest through the provision of funding to community based organisations


Financial assistance towards legal costs and related expenses


Objective: To provide funding for legal costs and disbursements in proceedings involving Commonwealth law, or in circumstances that give rise to a special Commonwealth interest


Family Relationships Services Program


Objective: To provide funding for family law related services


Native title system


Objective: To support professional development and training for anthropologists in the native title field, to attract a new generation of junior anthropologists to native title work, and to encourage senior anthropologists to remain within the system


National Security and Criminal Justice


Objectives: To support strengthened bilateral and multilateral cooperation in regional and international crime and terrorism prevention, national and community crime prevention, national crisis and emergency management, support anti-people smuggling legislation in regional countries, the development of police and criminal justice legislation in Pacific Island countries, and participation in the work of, and payments to support, the International Criminal Court


National Community Crime Prevention Program


Objective: To provide grants to not-for-profit non-government organisations to undertake community based crime prevention projects.


Payments for membership of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)


Objective: To fund membership of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)


Payments for grants to Australian organisations


Objective: To provide annual payments to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to fund the National Crime Statistics Unit (NCSU), the National Corrective Services Statistics Unit (NCSSU) and the National Criminal Courts Statistics Unit (NCCSU) and make grant payments to Crime Stoppers Australia


Safer Suburbs


Objective: To reduce crime and antisocial behaviour by funding local initiatives run by not-for-profit and local government organisations to implement a range of community safety initiatives


Disaster Resilience Australia--Emergency Warning System Database


Objective: To maintain the Location Based Number Store (LBNS), which provides the phone number data and associated data services which underpin the emergency alerting systems used by State agencies in the event of emergencies which threaten lives


Disaster Resilience Australia Package


Objective: To fund emergency management projects of national significance to improve the ability to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from disasters across social, economic, environmental and governance elements


National Counter-Terrorism Committee--special fund and operating expenses


Objective: To support a program of training, development and counter-terrorism exercises, the purchase of specialist counter-terrorism equipment, and forums, workshops and meetings which support the development of national policy and capabilities


Counter-terrorism exercises


Objective: To conduct national counter-terrorism exercises


National aerial firefighting


Objective: Funding to the National Aerial Firefighting Centre Ltd (NAFC), a joint company formed by the States and Territories in association with the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council Inc


Countering Violent Extremism to Prevent Terrorism


Objective: To support community-based initiatives to counter the influence of violent extremist ideologies


Schools Security Program


Objective: To fund security measures for government and non-government schools assessed as being at risk because of racial, religious or ethnically motivated vandalism, property crime and harassment to meet their specific security needs


Assistance--New Zealand citizens affected by natural disasters in Australia


Objective: To provide payments to New Zealand citizens affected by natural disasters


Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements--Loans


Objective: To provide concessional loans for the victims of natural disasters


Disaster recovery assistance as required


Objective: To provide assistance to individuals affected by disasters


Assistance--Disaster Income Recovery Subsidy


Objective: To provide payments to individuals who have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of a natural disaster


Border protection and enforcement


Objective: To prevent, detect and deter prohibited, harmful or illegal goods or people entering Australia or operating illegally in the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone


                       Australian Federal Police


National Security--Policing


Objective: To support prevention delivered by the following functions: Counter Terrorism, Aviation and Protection


International Deployments


Objective: To contribute to national security by providing, on behalf of the Australian Government, policing support for enhanced rule of law internationally, including Official Development Assistance




Objective: To reduce the criminal threats to Australia's collective economic and societal interests by employing a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary approach to the fight against Commonwealth crime. This includes transnational crime (drug trafficking, people smuggling and human trafficking), as well as financial and corporate crime, identity crime and other Commonwealth offences


Close Operational Support


Objective: To provide specialist support to 3 AFP national security and operations programs, particularly to address advances in technology and science, and operations in response to particular Criminal Code offences


ACT Community Policing


Objective: To provide a community policing capacity to the ACT Government. AFP activities in this regard include the 4 key outputs of crime and safety management, road safety, prosecution and judicial support, and crime prevention


                       Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy


International Organisations Contributions


Objective: To contribute funding to the International Telecommunication Union and the Asia Pacific Telecommunity to ensure that Australian interests are represented in international standards development, capacity building and telecommunications cooperation




Objective: To inform and educate the Australian community, particularly young people, about online risks and to provide tools in response to the risks




Objective: To raise Australians' awareness about cybersecurity and to educate them on safe and secure online practices


ICT Centre of Excellence


Objective: To develop an ICT Centre of Excellence to a world-class standard in research and research training, with associated commercialisation, linkages and collaboration activities


Regional Telecommunications Review Response


Objective: To improve telecommunications affordability and access for people and Indigenous communities in regional and remote areas


Community Broadcasting Program


Objective: To assist community broadcasters to deliver community radio and television services in the support of media diversity and social inclusion and to provide opportunities for media training and skills development


Digital Television Switchover


Objective: To achieve the switchover to digital-only television through: assisting commercial television broadcasters to provide additional services to viewers in regional and remote licence areas; assisting eligible households to convert to digital via the Viewer Access Satellite Service; and providing practical and technical assistance to those who are most likely to have significant difficulties in switching to digital television


Indigenous Broadcasting


Objective: To contribute to the Indigenous communications sector through funding for independent radio and media organisations and peak bodies, the development of professional skills and the promotion of Indigenous culture


Digital Productivity--NBN Demonstrators--includes projects with major national research organisations and major performing arts organisation


Objective: To develop new digital economy business models for major performing arts organisations, and online education centres by establishing internet portals to provide 3D learning experiences for students


                       Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


Extending the benefits of the Carbon Farming Initiative


Objective: To provide funding for research and development of reporting tools for Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) methodologies


Carbon Farming Initiative--Non-Kyoto Fund and Carbon Farming Skills


Objective: To purchase CFI credits that are not Kyoto-eligible and to promote the integrity of the CFI and ensure that landholders have access to high quality carbon services


Solar Cities


Objective: To support Australian residents to create a collective energy-wise response to climate change


Energy Efficiency Programs


Objective: To provide minimum energy performance standards and the labelling of residential and commercial buildings and the implementation of measures agreed by the Council of Australian Governments in relation to the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency


GEMS National Legislative Framework


Objective: To implement minimum energy performance standards and labelling of appliances, equipment and products that significantly affect energy use


Clean energy future--Low Carbon Communities


Objective: To support the development and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives in local council facilities and infrastructure, community-use facilities and low-income households


Clean energy future--Carbon Deducible Gift Recipients Fund


Objective: To provide assistance to charitable organisations for the effective carbon price impact on essential maritime and aviation fuels


Clean energy future--Energy Efficiency Information grants


Objective: To provide information and training to help small and medium enterprises reduce energy costs


Local Government Energy Efficiency Program


Objective: To support local government authorities to install solar and heat pump hot water systems in their buildings and community facilities to improve energy efficiency


Clean energy future--Voluntary Action Pledge Fund and GreenPower purchases


Objective: To establish a tax deductible pledge fund that allows households and individuals to access the carbon market to voluntarily cancel permits


Climate Change Science Program


Objective: To fund research to improve knowledge of the causes, nature, timing and consequences of climate change


National Climate Change Adaptation Centre


Objective: To support the development of climate change adaptation policy and risk analysis


International climate change


Objective: To influence the development of international policies and measures in relation to climate change through the pursuit of broad based international climate action and agreement


                       Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations


Support for the Child Care System


Objective: To support child care services so that more families can access quality early childhood education and childcare services. This program helps families to participate in the social and economic life of the community


Child Care Services Support


Objective: To assist Child Care Services to provide support, promote and improve access to quality child care and early learning for children, families and communities; promote and maintain high quality care and inclusion for all children; and to support the development, maintenance and dissemination of information to assist families to make informed decisions about child care


Jobs Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFA)


Objective: To provide eligible parents with extra financial assistance to help with the cost of approved child care while undertaking activities such as job search, work, study, training or rehabilitation to help them to enter or re-enter the workforce


Early Childhood Education


Objective: To improve access to early childhood education and child care, to support optimal child development in the early years and prepare children for formal schooling


Teach Next


To address areas of teacher shortages in regional and hard-to-staff schools and to reduce the number of teachers currently teaching outside their subject areas


Indigenous Ranger Cadetships


Objective: To assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to complete school and build their capacity for further study, training, jobs and careers in land, water and resource management


Helping Children with Autism


Objective: To provide support for children with autism spectrum disorder, their parents, carers, teachers and other professionals


Indigenous Education


To support initiatives that aim to improve the quality outcomes for Indigenous Australian students


Trade Training


Objective: To enable all secondary students to access vocational education training through Trade Training Centres


Employment Services


Objective: To invest in the skills that unemployed Australians need for the future to help them find and retain employment, and to ensure that government assistance supports workforce participation and economic and social inclusion


Jobs Fund


Objective: To support families and communities most affected by the global financial crisis


Pacific Seasonal Workers Program


Objective: To establish a seasonal labour mobility program that will provide workers from Pacific Island countries and East Timor with the opportunity to work in selected Australian industries experiencing unmet demand for labour


Productivity Education and Training Fund


Objective: To support projects which drive a focus on leadership and productivity improvement through enterprise bargaining under the Fair Work framework


Regional Education, Skills and Jobs Plans


Objective: To improve participation and outcomes in education, training and employment in regional Australia


Mature-age work participation--assistance


Objective: To assist, directly or indirectly, job seekers, aged 45 years and over, to re-enter and/or remain in the workforce


Productive Ageing Package


Objective: To assist mature-age Australians, who want to work, to remain engaged in the labour market by providing training and support and to encourage job retention and the transfer of their skills to younger generations


Indigenous Employment


Objective: To increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' employment outcomes and participation in economic activities, contributing to the Australian Government's commitment to halve the gap in employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians within the decade


Disability Employment Services


Objective: To help individuals with injury, disability or a health condition to secure and maintain sustainable employment through disability employment services and employment assistance


Employment Assistance and Other Services


Objective: To support those eligible job seekers with permanent disability who are assessed as needing regular long-term ongoing support in the workplace


Remote Jobs and Communities Program


Objective: To build jobs and create sustainable communities in Remote Australia


Remote Participation and Employment Services


Projective: To support employer engagement and economic development in communities


Remote Youth Leadership and Development Corps


Objective: To support young job seekers to undertake a structured program of up to 12 months to get them job ready, with a specific focus on providing work experience in jobs that are available in or near their community


Working Age Payments


Objective: To support people to improve their prospects of gaining employment, to acquire labour market skills and knowledge and to participate in society


Compensation and Debt Relief


Objective: To provide access for eligible recipients to discretionary payments in special circumstances or financial relief from amounts owing to the Commonwealth


Employee Assistance


Objective: To provide safety-net support for employees in certain circumstances or, alternatively, supporting long-standing industry arrangements which deliver employee benefits


General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme


Objective: A safety-net payment scheme established to assist employees who have lost their employment due to the liquidation or bankruptcy of their employer and who are owed certain employee entitlements


Workplace Assistance


Objective: To ensure the successful operation of the workplace relations system, in particular through initiatives designed to demonstrate the benefit of cooperative workplace relations and/or to assist employers and employees understand their rights and obligations under the system


Protected Action Ballots Scheme


Objective: To pay costs incurred by the Australian Electoral Commission in relation to protected action ballots


Home Workers Code of Practice Program


Objective: To support the development and promotion of the Home Workers Code of Practice and the 'Ethical Clothing Australia' label


International Labour Organisation Subscription


Objective: To enable the Australian Government to participate fully in the development of international labour standards, progress ratification of standards at the national level, report to the ILO on Conventions and workplace relations reforms, and participate as a member of the ILO Governing Body


Social and Community Workers Education and Information Program


Objective: To assist Queensland social and community services sector employers to meet their obligations under the new Australian Government regulations for back pay to employees in the sector


Workers' Compensation Payments


Objective: To support an early and safe return to work, and access to compensation for injured workers covered by the Comcare scheme, through working in partnership with employers to create best practice in rehabilitation and quick and accurate management of workers' compensation claims




Objective: To provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and Australian apprentices to improve access to and participation in secondary and tertiary education and training


Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme


Objective: To provide financial allowances to help families of primary, secondary, and certain tertiary students with the educational costs incurred due to being geographically isolated


Centre for Workplace Leadership Fund


Objective: To establish the Centre for Workplace Leadership to boost productivity and the quality of jobs by improving leadership and management practices in Australian workplaces


Early Childhood Development Population Measure


Objective: To collect, compile, analyse and disseminate statistics and related information about early childhood development, and to raise public awareness of the Measure


Priority Employment Area Initiative


Objective: To support employment and prevent unemployment in priority areas of social and economic disadvantage, including through the provision of Local Employment Coordinators and Jobs and Skills Expos, and the funding of projects and activities to achieve this objective


Parliament and Civics Education Rebate


Objective: To provide benefits to students in the form of a travel subsidy, paid to schools on a per student basis, for those students to undertake excursions to visit national institutions in Canberra


Education services and compliance activities


Objective: To educate employers, employees, employee and employer organisations and contractors about the national workplace relations system, and to encourage compliance with workplace relations laws of the Commonwealth (for example, the Fair Work Act 2009)


Labour Mobility and Relocation Assistance Initiative


Objective: To provide benefits to unemployed persons in the form of financial assistance for such persons to relocate to take up employment or an apprenticeship


Experience + Work Ready


Objective: To provide tailored services to mature age job seekers, to the extent that such services involve, or are concerned with, the provision of unemployment benefits within the meaning of paragraph 51(xxiiiA) of the Constitution or are consistent with Australia's international obligations


                       Safe Work Australia


Reform of, and improvements to, Australian work health and safety and workers' compensation arrangements


Objective: The objective of Safe Work Australia is to monitor and evaluate harmonised laws, coordinate and develop national policy and strategies, undertake research and collect, analyse and report data to improve work health and safety and workers' compensation arrangements in Australia


                       Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs


Housing Assistance and Homelessness Prevention


Objective: To provide rental subsidies for low-and moderate-income households, and to fund homelessness prevention initiatives including research and stakeholder engagement to reduce the impact of homelessness


Affordable Housing


Objective: To improve the supply of affordable housing and reduce the cost of new homes available to low-and moderate-income households and to invest in local infrastructure projects that support new housing developments in regional cities


Financial Management


Objective: To improve the financial knowledge, skills, capabilities and financial resilience of vulnerable individuals and families and to alleviate the immediate impact of financial stress, and to progress initiatives in relation to problem gambling. Includes funding for research and stakeholder engagement and funding to peak bodies and other stakeholder organisations


Community Investment


Objective: To improve the responsiveness and integration of local community services to increase participation of vulnerable people in community life. Includes funding for research and stakeholder engagement and funding to national peak bodies and other stakeholder organisations


Support for People in Special Circumstances


Objective: To make payments to financially assist eligible people in severe financial hardship who do not have any other means of support, including payments to individuals and families affected by disasters and other crises. Includes making payments to Australians in circumstances beyond their control to support them in overcoming those circumstances and maintain their financial wellbeing


Supplementary Payments and Support for Income Support Recipients


Objective: To make payments and subsidise services to certain income support recipients and low-income households to assist them financially and to help them continue to participate economically and socially


Allowances, Concessions and Services for Seniors


Objective: To make payments and provide services to senior Australians: to assist with household expenses; to enable them to maintain their standard of living; and to increase their access to information and community resources


Income Support for Carers


Objective: To make payments and allowances to financially assist eligible carers of people with disability or a severe medical condition or of people who are frail aged


Services and Support for People with Disability


Objective: To provide supported employment and improve access to information, advocacy respite, supported accommodation and services for people with disability, their families and carers so that they can develop their capabilities and actively participate in community and economic life and to develop and implement national policies in relation to disability, including employment and income support policy, the National Disability Agreement, National Disability Strategy, National Carer Strategy and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Includes funding for research and stakeholder engagement and funding to peak bodies and other stakeholder organisations


Support for Carers


Objective: To provide peer support, respite and information services for carers to help them balance their care responsibilities with social participation and, in the case of young carers, complete their education. It also provides funding for research and stakeholder engagement and funding to peak bodies and other stakeholder organisations


National Disability Insurance Scheme


Objective: To improve the wellbeing and social and economic participation of people with disability and their carers by building a National Disability Insurance Scheme that delivers care and support through an insurance approach including any associated capital investment


Early Intervention Services for Children with Disability


Objective: To provide access to early intervention services and support for children with disability, their parents, carers and families to help eligible children achieve their potential, including education and support for parents, carers and families; to provide information and support to parents, carers and families to help them enable eligible children with disability to achieve their potential. Includes Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centres that provide early learning programs and specific support to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Gender Equality for Women


Objective: To implement strategies in priority areas to achieve gender equality. The priority areas include reducing violence against women and supporting women affected by violence; support for trafficked people; improving economic outcomes for women; and ensuring women's equal place in society. Includes funding for National Women's Alliances to engage with women's groups to ensure that women's issues are represented in decision-making and policy outcomes, and includes communication and information designed to change violence-supportive attitudes and effectively reduce the incidence and impact of violence in Australia


Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory


Objective: To provide whole-of-government policy coordination and implement targeted measures to increase the wellbeing and safety of communities, including women, children and young people, and improve engagement and development. Includes funding to support the governance, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Stronger Futures Northern Territory initiative; to support engagement and coordination in remote Northern Territory communities; and for high priority projects that help reduce the gap, including any associated capital investment


Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute


Objective: To contribute to the research undertaken on housing and homelessness


Longitudinal Studies


Objective: A program of longitudinal surveys including:

(a) Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia--a survey of the effects of policy and other changes on families and household formation including labour market and education participation and retirement preparation; and

(b) Longitudinal Study of Australian Children--a survey of children and their families to establish an evidence base for future family and child policy formulation; and

(c) Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children--a survey that records the development of Indigenous children in selected sites over time and collects data on health, family roles and relationships, child care, education, service provision and community issues


Memorial Services for Bali Bombings


Objective: To make payments to assist people to attend memorial services in connection with the Bali bombings


External Merits Review--support component


Objective: To assist individuals with making applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for the review of decisions made under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 , including by providing funding to National Disability Advocacy Program providers


Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse--community-based support services


Objective: To support people who require assistance with participation in, or as a result of, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including:

(a) support before, during or after the Royal Commission; and

(b) support for victims of child sexual abuse (including by providing treatment and follow up for victims of sexual abuse, whether or not they participate in the Royal Commission); and

(c) support for families and others supporting victims; and

(d) support for staff of institutions or organisations in which sexual abuse took place; and

(e) therapeutic support (including by way of the provision of sickness and hospital benefits or medical services) and telephone counselling; and

(f) training and guidance to organisations involved in supporting those engaged with the Royal Commission


                       Department of Finance and Deregulation


Grants in Aid


Objective: To provide community and research funding, as grants in aid, to non-government organisations that undertake work in science, humanities research, public policy or the promotion of animal welfare


Electorate and Ministerial Support Costs and Parliamentary Entitlements Support Costs


Objective: To provide funds to support the provision of entitlements to the current Prime Minister, and to former Prime Ministers once they have left the Parliament, the Australian Political Exchange Council and related activities, and political party secretariat training


Divestment of Commonwealth property--financial assistance


Objective: To provide financial assistance to persons acquiring Commonwealth real property, including in relation to:

(a) the acquisition and maintenance of the property; and

(b) compliance with legal requirements associated with the property


                       Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Foreign Affairs and Trade Operations



(a) to protect and advance the national interest through engaging in advocacy in Australia and overseas that promotes Australia's foreign, trade, economic, and security interests; and

(b) to promote a whole-of-government approach in pursuit of Australia's interests abroad, including through leadership at overseas missions and coordination of the overseas diplomatic network; and

(c) to ensure the security and protect the dignity of the diplomatic and consular corps serving in Australia by delivering a quality service and upholding Australia's obligations under the Vienna conventions; and

(d) to deliver high-quality public diplomacy, international media and cultural visit programs, which improve understanding of Australia and Australian Government foreign and trade policies


Payments to International Organisations


Objective: To advance Australia's foreign, trade, economic, and security interests through membership and participation in international organisations and their various peacekeeping activities


Public Information Services and Public Diplomacy



(a) to project a positive and contemporary image of Australia and promote a clear understanding of government policies and objectives through the Department's public diplomacy, cultural and media activities cultural and media activities and through providing an independent, creditable and reliable voice and image in the region

(b) to promote people-to-people links and a contemporary and positive image of Australia and support for the Australian Government's international policy goals, including through grants and other support to bilateral foundations, councils and institutes


Consular Services


Objective: To support and assist Australian travellers and Australians overseas through high-quality consular services, including accurate and timely travel advice, practical contingency planning and rapid crisis response




Official Development Assistance--Papua New Guinea and Pacific


Objective: To assist Papua New Guinea and other developing countries in the Pacific region to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development


Official Development Assistance--East Asia


Objective: To assist developing countries in the East Asia region to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development


Official Development Assistance--Africa, South and Central Asia, Middle East and Other


Objective: To assist developing countries in Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development


Official Development Assistance--Emergency, Humanitarian and Refugee Program


Objective: To assist developing countries to respond to emergencies and assist refugees


Official Development Assistance--United Nations, Commonwealth and Other International Organisations


Objective: To assist developing countries through contributions to the United Nations, Commonwealth and other international organisations


Official Development Assistance--Non-Government Organisation, Volunteer and Community Programs


Objective: To assist developing countries through contributions to non-government organisation, volunteer and community programs


                       Department of Human Services


Income Management Card


Objective: To support the delivery of income management measures, also known as the Basics Card


                       Department of Health and Ageing


Prevention, early detection and service improvement


Objectives: To fund projects aimed at reducing the incidence of chronic disease, to support the early detection and prevention of cancer through screening, and to provide funding for chronic disease management, support and palliative care services


Communicable disease control


Objective: To provide funding to reduce the incidence of blood-borne viruses and sexually-transmitted infections


Drug strategy


Objective: To reduce the harmful effects of tobacco use and fund the provision of treatment services to reduce the harm to individuals and communities from excessive alcohol consumption, and to combat illicit drug use


Regulatory policy


Objectives: To support the development of national food and gene technology regulatory policy, maintain and improve the therapeutic goods regulatory framework, and promote the safe and sustainable use of industrial chemicals


National Immunisation Program


Objective: To provide vaccines and financial support to strengthen immunisation coverage, reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, and improve the administration of the National Immunisation Program


Public health


Objective: To increase the evidence base for the development of targeted health programs, improve child and youth health, and promote healthy lifestyle choices


Community pharmacy and pharmaceutical awareness


Objective: To provide funding to improve access to medicines and pharmacy services


Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services


Objectives: To provide funding to support effective operation of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, conduct post-market surveillance, and implement the National Medicines Policy


Targeted assistance--pharmaceuticals


Objective: To provide financial assistance to improve access to new and existing medicines for patients with life threatening conditions


Targeted assistance--aids and appliances


Objective: To provide funding for services for people with diabetes, to assist people with a stoma by providing stoma-related products, and for services to improve the quality of life for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa


Medicare services


Objective: To improve access to evidence-based, best-practice medical services, improve access to specialist medical services through telehealth, and improve access to clinically-relevant dental services


Targeted assistance--medical


Objective: To provide funding for medical assistance provided to Australians overseas, improve access to specialist medical services through the use of telehealth, and support access to necessary medical services not available through mainstream mechanisms


Diagnostic imaging services


Objective: To provide funding to increase access to magnetic resonance imaging, strengthen the provision of quality diagnostic radiology services, encourage more effective use of diagnostic imaging, and administer the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme


Pathology services


Objective: To provide funding to ensure the quality and accessibility of pathology services and administer the Pathology Funding Agreement


Chronic disease--radiation oncology


Objective: To provide funding to improve access to quality radiation oncology services


Access and information


Objective: To provide equitable and timely access to aged care assessments and make it easier to find aged care services


Home support


Objective: To provide aged care services at home and in the community, match funding to care needs, and provide greater choice and control to consumers, care recipients and their carers


Residential and flexible care


Objectives: To provide funding to aged care providers and financial assistance to aged care housing residents, to improve aged care services for older Indigenous Australians, and to provide aged care through other service models


Workforce and quality


Objectives: To provide funding to ensure the availability of a skilled aged care workforce, and develop programs to empower consumers and promote quality aged care


Ageing and service improvement


Objectives: To provide financial support for people living with dementia, to provide aged care services to meet the needs of diverse communities, to improve links to the health system, and to promote healthy and active ageing


Primary care education and training


Objectives: To provide funding to support quality education and training in primary health care and provide access to comprehensive, community-based health care


Primary care financing, quality and access


Objectives: To provide funding to establish Medicare Locals, improve access to after-hours primary health care, and improve primary health care access and infrastructure


Primary care practice incentives


Objectives: To provide general practice incentive payments to encourage continuing improvements, to increase quality of care, to enhance capacity, and to improve access and primary health care outcomes for patients


Rural health services


Objective: To provide funding for improved access to health and information services in regional, rural and remote areas and provision of rural health outreach services


Hearing services


Objective: To support access for eligible clients to quality hearing services and support research into hearing loss prevention and management


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health


Objectives: To provide funding to providers to improve chronic disease prevention and detection, to improve child and maternal health, to improve service delivery and access to effective health services, to reduce the incidence of blood-borne viruses and sexually-transmitted infections, and to enhance existing wellbeing, counselling, family tracing and reunion services to indigenous communities


Private health insurance


Objectives: To provide financial assistance to ensure the sustainability of the private health insurance rebate, to promote an affordable and sustainable private health insurance sector, to improve access to prostheses through private health insurance, to improve information for consumers, and to ensure that private health insurance covers clinically proven treatments


Chronic disease--treatment


Objective: To provide funding for improved detection, treatment and survival outcomes for people with cancer, including by providing support for their families and carers


e-Health implementation


Objective: To support the development of national eHealth infrastructure and standards, to develop systems to support a national eHealth system, and to provide eHealth services


Health information


Objective: To provide funding to support participation in the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council and the reform of maternity services


International policy engagement


Objective: To provide funding to facilitate Australia's engagement with health ministries and institutions from other countries on global health issues, and to promote and advance Australia's health policies through supporting conferences, forums and other events in Australia and overseas


Research capacity and quality


Objective: To provide funding to improve research capacity, maintain effective health surveillance, monitor the use of diagnostics, therapeutics and pathology, and improve safety and quality in health care


Health infrastructure


Objective: To invest in the renewal and refurbishment of acute and primary care facilities, medical technology equipment, and major medical research facilities and health related projects


Mental health


Objectives: To provide funding to improve the mental health system, invest in more and better coordinated services for people with mental illness, and expand suicide prevention activities


Workforce and rural distribution


Objective: To provide funding to increase the supply of, and support for, health professionals in regional, rural and remote Australia and increase investment in medical training and education


Workforce development and innovation


Objectives: To provide funding to improve patient access to health professionals, including mental health nurses, and increase investment to increase the capacity, and support the professional development, of the dental workforce


Blood and organ donation services


Objective: To improve Australians' access to organ and tissue transplants and support access to blood and blood products


Medical indemnity


Objectives: To provide funding to ensure the stability of the medical indemnity insurance industry, ensure that insurance products are affordable for doctors, and ensure availability of professional indemnity insurance for eligible midwives


Public hospitals and information


Objective: To provide funding to increase efficiency and capacity in public hospitals, improve access to public dental services, and increase support for health services and public health responses for the Torres Strait


Health emergency planning and response


Objectives: To support national health emergency planning and response through the development of response plans and the maintenance of a National Medical Stockpile, to improve biosecurity, drug and chemical safety through regulation, to support Australia's antivenom production, to support environmental health protection and laboratory capability for emergency response, and to develop a national strategy to minimise the risks posed by communicable diseases


Blood supply


Objectives: To support an efficient demand-driven blood supply system based on needs, evidence and good clinical practice, and to ensure that Australia's blood supply is safe, secure, adequate and affordable


Expanding the rollout of low aromatic fuel


Objective: To reduce the incidence and impact of petrol sniffing in regional and remote communities, including by subsidising the cost of production and distribution of low aromatic fuel, funding necessary infrastructure such as bulk storage facilities and supporting complementary communications, promotion, data collection, education and treatment activities


                       National Mental Health Commission


National Mental Health Commission


Objective: Provide expert advice to the Australian Government and cross-sectoral leadership on the policy, programs, services and systems that support mental health in Australia, including through administering the annual National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, undertaking performance monitoring and reporting, and engaging consumers and carers


                       Department of Immigration and Citizenship


Assistance for former child migrants


Objective: To provide for family tracing support, counselling services and other assistance to former child migrants who arrived in Australia after World War II from the United Kingdom and Malta


Grants for community settlement services


Objective: To provide for the delivery of settlement services including assistance to new arrivals to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills to settle in Australia; assistance to new communities to grow and develop in a self-sustaining manner; and promotion of social participation and integration


Humanitarian settlement services


Objective: To provide intensive settlement services for Humanitarian Program clients through contracted providers


National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd--contribution


Objective: To provide financial support to the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)


Supervision and welfare for unaccompanied humanitarian minors


Objective: To provide guardianship, monitoring and settlement support arrangements for unaccompanied humanitarian minors until they reach 18 years of age


Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme


Objective: To provide grants to identified organisations to support communities participating in the Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme to build community capacity and promote community harmony


Allowances for persons granted temporary visas in the Humanitarian Program


Objective: To provide for a one-off cash payment to cover the living expenses of holders of humanitarian visas after their release from detention, or on their arrival in Australia, until their first Centrelink income-support payment is made


Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme--onshore protection


Objective: To provide funding to selected migration agents to help all onshore asylum seekers in immigration detention and disadvantaged protection and other visa applicants in the community with professionally-qualified application assistance, including interpreters and being accompanied at visa interview, and for more frequent or larger general information sessions and brief face-to-face or telephone advice


Initiatives to address the situation of displaced persons to promote sustainable returns


Objective: To fund the development and implementation of durable solutions for displaced persons (whether through voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement) and strengthen the protection afforded to displaced populations throughout the world


International Organization for Migration--Contribution


Objective: To contribute towards the administrative costs for the International Organization for Migration to promote well managed migration, including managed humanitarian settlement and the reduction of irregular migration


Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme


Objective: To provide services to asylum seekers who are in financial hardship and who satisfy specific eligibility criteria


Refugee and humanitarian passage, associated costs and related services


Objective: To provide for health screening, assisted passage and related costs of people approved for entry to Australia under the refugee component of the offshore Humanitarian Program through the International Organization for Migration


Secretariat for Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees--membership contribution


Objective: To contribute toward the administrative costs of the Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees, which is an informal, non-decision making forum for information exchange and policy debate on issues relevant to the management of international migratory flows


Joint Commonwealth, State and Territory Research Program (for payment to the Australian Population, Multicultural and Immigration Research Program Account)


Objective: To provide information to assist with the formulation and assessment of migration policies by the Australian Government, State and Territory Ministers and Departments


Compliance Resolution, Community Care and Assistance


Objective: To manage unlawful non-citizens and holders of Bridging Visa E visas in the community to an immigration outcome through early intervention and provision of needs-based support and assistance


Onshore Detention Network--Community and Detention Services


Objective: To manage all unlawful citizens placed into immigration detention who did not arrive in Australia at an excised offshore place, except for illegal foreign fishers


Offshore Asylum Seeker Management--Community and Detention Services


Objective: To provide support, health and detention services to people in immigration detention, in both community and detention environments, and to offshore entry persons seeking asylum


Foreign Fishers--Community and Detention Services


Objective: To advise on, develop and provide a range of support, health and detention services in community and detention environments for illegal foreign fishers apprehended and detained in Australian territorial waters


Management and Care of Irregular Immigrants in Indonesia


Objective: To provide funding to the International Organization for Migration to enhance Indonesian detention and transit facilities and to improve the care and support provided to irregular migrants in Indonesia


Regional Cooperation and Capacity Building


Objective: To strengthen the migration and border management capabilities of governments in the Asia-Pacific region and parts of South East Asia and the Middle East by providing advice on, developing and providing a range of support and other services in respect of regional cooperation and associated activities


Returns and reintegration assistance packages


Objective: To facilitate returns of Irregular Maritime Arrival clients found not to be owed protection by Australia


Bali Process Engagement and Regional Support Office


Objective: To fund regional cooperation and capacity building activities as part of Australia's engagement with, and support to, the member countries and organisations of the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime (the Bali Process). This includes funding the establishment and ongoing costs of a Regional Support Office (RSO) and related regional cooperation and capacity building activities coordinated by the RSO


Combating People Smuggling--addressing irregular migration in region


Objective: To provide funding to enhance engagement and provide training and technical assistance to regional immigration agencies. This will assist these agencies to detect and disrupt irregular people movements throughout the region


Refugee Status Determinations for Offshore Entry Persons


Objective: To process refugee status applications under the Protection Obligation Determination process for offshore entry persons


Onshore Detention Network


Objective: To provide refurbishment projects to maintain a humane environment for persons in immigration detention


Offshore Asylum Seeker Management


Objective: To provide for capital works to ensure appropriate accommodation for asylum seekers and for upgrades and enhancements to essential amenities and security at existing facilities


Building Multicultural Communities Program


Objective: To provide grants to community organisations (including local government bodies) for construction, fit-out and equipment of multicultural community spaces in order to:

(a) empower communities to embrace the benefits of multicultur alism and maintain cohesive and socially inclusive neighbourhoods for the benefit of the nation; and

(b) provide an opportunity for Australians of all backgrounds to come together for activities, programs and community events, while promoting a sense of belonging for Australians of every race, ethnic or linguistic group, culture and religion


Memoranda of Understanding with Foreign Nations


Objective: To provide funding in relation to Memoranda of Understanding arrangements with foreign nations


Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Program


Objective: To provide funding for the AVR program under which services are offered to eligible bridging visa holders and their dependants who wish to depart Australia voluntarily, but are unable to do so without some support


Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) Irregular Maritime Arrivals (IMAs) Program


Objective: To provide funding for the AVR IMA Program under which services are offered to IMAs and their dependants who wish to depart Australia voluntarily. Services include (but are not limited to):

(a) immigration information and return counselling; and

(b) return services; and

(c) administrative services; and

(d) other services as required, such as post--return assistance or planning for reintegration services when available and possible


Australian Cultural Orientation Program


Objective: To fund the Australian Cultural Orientation Program


Free Translating and Interpreting Services



(a) to fund the Department's interpreting service (TIS National) to provide free interpreting services to eligible organisations and individuals; and

(b) to fund a translating service to facilitate the free translation of settlement related documents for eligible clients


Ethnic Business Awards--sponsorship



(a) to fund the Diversity Council of Australia enabling their sponsorship of the Ethnic Business Awards which recognise and reward the contributions of migrants to Australian business and the economy; and

(b) to highlight Australia as a key destination to create and sustain business across all sectors of industry, despite race, colour, religion and cultural background; and

(c) to highlight the collective migrant spirit in Australia; and celebrate the diversity of our nation


Harmony Day celebrations


Objective: To fund the procurement of promotional products provided to various community organisations and entities in support of their Harmony Day events, for organisation of national events and for development of educational resources for schools, and to promote the message of Harmony Day that everyone belongs, regardless of racial or cultural background


Contract between the Commonwealth and Australian Red Cross Society in relation to Services for Restoring Family Links


Objective: To fund the Australian Red Cross Society for services under the Restoring Family Links program (the RFL Program)


Memoranda of Understanding with State and Territory governments for the provision of policing services in, or in relation to, immigration detention facilities


Objective: To fund the provision of policing services by States and Territories in, or in relation to, immigration detention facilities, detainees within Australia, or both, to ensure that police attendances are appropriately funded and that sufficient police service capacity exists across all jurisdictions


Human Rights Awards--sponsorship of the Young People's medal


Objective: To sponsor the Young People's Human Rights Medal, which is awarded to an individual under the age of 25 years who has made an outstanding contribution to advancing human rights in Australia


Citizenship program--promoting the value of Australian citizenship


Objective: To fund activities which promote the value of Australian citizenship and encourage the acquisition of citizenship by eligible non--citizens


                       Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education


Australian Business Number and Business Names Registration System


Objective: To increase the productivity, sustainability and growth of industry by providing a system to deliver online business information services and ongoing interactions between government and business


Buy Australian at Home and Abroad


Objective: To increase the productivity, sustainability and growth of industry


Cooperative Research Centres Program


Objective: To provide economic, environmental and social benefits by supporting research partnerships between publicly-funded researchers and end-users to address major challenges that require medium-to long-term collaborative efforts


Leveraging Australia's Global Expat Platform


Objective: To provide assistance to Advance, a not-for-profit organisation that provides services to a global network of more than 24,000 expatriate Australians


Australian Leather Holdings


Objective: To provide a loan to Howe and Company Proprietary Limited, and its parent company Howe Automotive Limited, to be fully repaid over 10 years with annual interest and principal payments


Innovation Investment Fund and Innovation Investment Follow-on Fund


Objective: To assist in the development of a self-sustaining Australian early-stage venture capital industry by developing fund managers with experience in the early stage venture capital industry, addressing capital and management constraints and encouraging the development of new companies which are commercialising research and development


National Enabling Technologies Strategy


Objective: To develop a National Enabling Technologies Strategy to set the direction for future technology development, including the uptake of biotechnology and nanotechnology products and processes across the economy and society


Support for Industry Service Organisations program


Objective: To provide assistance to Standards Australia and the National Association of Testing Authorities to support Australian participation in international standards and conformance bodies, and ensure Australian standards and conformity assessment are in alignment with international practices




Objective: To support the provision of expanded research and manufacturing capacity at the CSL's facility at Broadmeadows in Victoria


Pre-Seed Fund


Objective: To provide assistance to universities and public sector research agencies that facilitates the commercialisation of public sector research and development activities by further developing the management and entrepreneurial skills of public sector researchers and building links with the finance and business community


Australian Space Science Program


Objective: To provide assistance and support to space research, innovation and skills development


Commercialisation Australia


Objective: To provide support to build the capacity of, and opportunities for, Australian researchers, entrepreneurs and innovative firms to convert intellectual property into commercial ventures


Automotive New Markets Initiative


Objective: To assist firms in the automotive supply chain to expand their operations into export markets and supply their products to other industries


Automotive Market Access


Objective: To increase component suppliers' access to global supply chains through the appointment of 2 Automotive Envoys, support for Team Australia Automotive activities in North America and an expanded Austrade adviser network in key Asian markets


Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Program


Objective: To assist in the consolidation of supply chains and allow the industry to achieve greater scale and retain core capabilities through structural adjustment support which assists firms with legal, relocation and other merger costs and by providing labour market adjustment support by helping with employment services


Automotive Supply Chain Development Program


Objective: To assist the automotive components sector to further develop its capabilities and better integrate into local and global supply chains, and to enhance the industry's domestic and international competitive advantage by improving the operational performance of individual firms and the sector as a whole


Clean Technology Investment--Food and Foundries Program


Objective: To assist manufacturing industries to transition to a low-carbon economy by supporting the adoption and deployment of technologies to improve energy and carbon efficiency at manufacturing facilities in the food and beverage processing and metal forging and foundry industries


Clean Technology Investment


Objective: To assist manufacturing industries transition to a low-carbon economy by supporting the adoption and deployment of technologies to improve energy and carbon efficiency at manufacturing facilities


Enhanced and amalgamated mediation services for the Franchising Code of Conduct, the Horticultural Code of Conduct, the Oilcode and the Produce and Grocery Industry Code of Conduct


Objective: To increase the productivity, sustainability and growth of industry by enhancing and amalgamating the mediation services for the Franchising Code of Conduct, the Horticultural Code of Conduct, the Oilcode and the Produce and Grocery Industry Code of Conduct


Food Industry Policy


Objective: To support the increased productivity, sustainability and growth of the food industry


Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund


Objective: To provide support for investment in new activities and industries that diversifies the economy of the Illawarra region of New South Wales and creates sustainable new jobs


Small Business Support Line


Objective: To provide advice to small businesses on issues such as: obtaining finance; cash flow management; retail leasing; personal stress and hardship counselling; and promotion and marketing


Small Business Advisory Services


Objective: To provide assistance to small businesses to improve sustainability, productivity and growth through providing access to low-cost business advisory services and activities to enhance business management skills


Australian Small Business Commissioner


Objective: To fund a Australian Small Business Commissioner to provide advocacy and representation for small business interests and concerns to the Australian Government


Textile Clothing and Footwear--Structural Adjustment Program


Objective: To support further textile, clothing and footwear industry consolidation and labour market adjustment through labour adjustment assistance through the Job Network and through a Restructuring Initiative Grant Scheme


Support to Industry and Innovation


Objective: To improve the growth, performance and competitiveness of business


Australia-China Science and Research Fund


Objective: To increase collaboration between Australian and Chinese scientists by providing support for building bilateral research relationships, linking research institutions and supporting collaborative research activities


Science for Australia's Future--Inspiring Australia


Objective: To support the implementation of a national strategy for science engagement that will enhance the level of societal understanding and engagement with science


Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope


Objective: To support the promotion and diplomatic efforts, development of a site and negotiation with stakeholders for the bid to host, and the implementation of, the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope, including Australian construction and hosting of the Telescope


International Education and Training


Objective: To assist Australian researchers from both the public and private sectors to participate in leading-edge scientific research projects and workshops with Indian scientists, and to support the development of strategic alliances between Australian and Indian researchers


Learned Academies


Objective: To foster an understanding of, or to promote research and scholarship in, science, social science and the humanities in Australia


Super Science--Space and Astronomy


Objective: To provide support to a range of projects that will strengthen Australia's research infrastructure and research capacity in space and astronomy


European Molecular Biology Laboratory partner facility


Objective: To support the establishment and development of a European Molecular Biology Laboratory facility on the campus of Monash University in Victoria and facilitate the collaboration with molecular biology research world leaders


Support to Science and Research


Objective: To increase production, use and awareness of science and research knowledge


Higher Education Special Projects


Objective: To provide support for Australia's higher education sector, through initiatives that support higher education institutions and students


Indigenous Education Advisory Council


Objective: To support the provision of policy advice on higher education, research and research training issues in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education students and staff


My University Website


Objective: To support the move to a student centred higher education system, improving transparency and informed choice


Australian Apprenticeships Information Management System--establishment


Objective: To provide a streamlined electronic system for registering training contracts and processing payments


Australian Apprenticeships Workforce Skills Development


Objective: To support the enhancement of skills development in the Australian workforce


Language, Literacy and Numeracy


Objective: To improve job seekers language, literacy or numeracy to enable them to secure sustainable employment or participate in further training and education


National Centre for Vocational Education Research


Objective: To support the collection, analysis, publication and dissemination of research and statistics on vocational education and training


Support for Australian Apprenticeships


Objective: To provide support services for apprentices and employers


VET FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme


Objective: To support income contingent loans for Vocational Education and Training (VET) students


Assessment Subsidy for Overseas-Trained Professionals


Objective: To support eligible overseas-trained professionals to obtain recognition of their professional qualifications for the purposes of registration and/or employment in Australia


Education Services for Overseas Students Assurance Fund


Objective: To protect the interests of people coming to Australia on student visas, by providing tuition and financial assurance and by ensuring a nationally-consistent approach to provider registration


International Education and Training


Objectives: To develop and strengthen the sustainable development of Australia's international education and training engagement and to develop and strengthen regional international links


                       Department of Infrastructure and Transport


Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme


Objective: To provide financial assistance in respect of the cost of moving non-bulk freight by sea between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, or the main island of Tasmania and King Island or islands of the Furneaux Group


Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme


Objective: To provide financial assistance in respect of the cost of transportation by sea of passenger vehicles between the Australian mainland and Tasmania




Objective: To enable the provision to learner drivers and their mentors of educational materials and assistance, including professional guidance from accredited instructors


Strengthening Aviation Security--regional and domestic aviation security


Objective: To strengthen Australia's aviation security regime against threats by providing financial assistance to enable the introduction of security measures at regional and domestic airports


Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme


Objective: To provide financial assistance to ensure the availability to remote communities of a regular air service for the carriage of passengers and essential freight


Remote Aerodrome Inspection Program


Objective: To provide remote Indigenous communities with annual aerodrome inspections and related services to assist those communities to meet their aviation safety obligations


Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program


Objective: To provide financial assistance to improve the safety of airstrips in remote and isolated communities in Australia


Payment Scheme for Airservices Australia's en route charges


Objective: To provide financial assistance to certain air service operators in respect of the cost of en route charges imposed by Airservices Australia


Aviation security enhancements--regional passenger screening


Objective: To provide financial assistance to build capability at certain Australian airports through the provision of security training of airport staff


Aviation security enhancements--improving international aviation security


Objective: To provide financial assistance to enable persons from foreign countries to be trained to ICAO aviation security standards


                       Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Domestic Policy


Objective: To provide funding to support volunteering and to contribute to the achievement of the National Compact with not-for-profit organisations


                       Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport


Regional Development


Objective: To strengthen the sustainability, capacity and diversity of regions through focused stakeholder consultation and engagement, research, policy development, and program delivery activities


Local Government


Objective: To build capacity in local government and provide local and community infrastructure, and to improve economic and social outcomes in local communities




Objectives: To provide financial assistance, infrastructure, and services to Territories, and to maintain and improve the legislative framework for self-governing Territories


Arts and Cultural Development


Objective: To support and promote participation in, and access to, Australia's arts and culture, including by supporting excellence in the arts, supporting indigenous arts, cultures and languages, and protecting Australia's movable cultural heritage


Sport and Recreation


Objectives: To increase general participation and safety in physical and active recreation activities, to protect the integrity of sport, and to achieve excellence in high-performance athletes, including by investment in sport infrastructure and events, research and international cooperation


                       National Capital Authority


National Capital Functions


Objectives: To realise the promise of the city plan and the ideals of the founders, to foster Canberra as the National Capital, and to develop the special character of the National Capital


National Capital Estate


Objectives: To develop and renew the special character of the National Capital Estate, and to mitigate risk associated with management of the National Capital estate


                       Old Parliament House


Old Parliament House Functions


Objectives: To manage the heritage values of Old Parliament House, develop and manage the agency's collections, and increase access, engagement and participation through on site, online and outreach programs


                       Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism


Ethanol Production Grants Program


Objective: To s upport production and deployment of ethanol as an alternative transport fuel in Australia


Radioactive Waste Management Program


Maralinga Maintenance Program


Rum Jungle Program


Objective: To implement solutions for radioactive waste management and storage for Australia and meet maintenance, environmental and rehabilitation objectives in relation to the Rum Jungle and Maralinga sites


Smart Grid, Smart City Program


Connecting Renewables to the Grid Program


Objective: To support the adoption of new technologies within the energy system


Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate Program


Australian Centre for Renewable Energy Program


Australian Solar Institute Program


Solar Flagships Program


Low Emission Technology Demonstration Fund Program


Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships Program


Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Program


National Low Emissions Coal Initiative Program


National CO 2 Infrastructure Plan Program


Objective: To support the development and implementation of low emission technologies in Australia and in partnership with industry and other countries, including activities to enable industry to transition to lower carbon energy sources


Coal Sector Jobs Package Program


Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package Program


Contracts for Closure Program


Objective: To provide targeted transitional assistance to emissions intensive coal mines and develop methane abatement technologies to ensure the long-term viability of the coal industry, and to provide funding to close emissions intensive generations capacity subject to negotiation with eligible generators


TQUAL Grants Program


National Tourism Accreditation Framework--Establishment Program


Tourism Industry Regional Development Program


Objective: To assist the tourism industry to develop and deliver quality tourism products and services


Asia Marketing Fund Program


Objective: To support demand-side activity in the tourism sector


                       Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and the Environment


Objective: To develop and implement a national approach to protecting and managing biodiversity and natural resources, including through programs to build resilience in marine, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems


Environmental Information and Research


Objectives: To improve Australia's capacity to deliver and disseminate environmental research and information, enhancing capabilities in taxonomy and species discovery, and to pursue a permanent end to all forms of commercial and so-called 'scientific' whaling


Carbon Pollution Reduction--Land Sector Initiatives


Objectives: To improve the resilience of Australia's landscape to climate change, enhance the environmental outcomes of Carbon Farming Initiative projects, and assist landholders to protect carbon and biodiversity values of their land


Management of Hazardous Wastes, Substances and Pollutants


Objective: To maintain and improve the quality of the environment, to reduce waste and pollution and to increase resource recovery, including through national frameworks, standards, regulation, management and monitoring of wastes, hazardous substances, air pollutants, ozone-depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases


Sustainable Communities--Suburban Jobs


Objective: To assist State and local governments to plan for and provide enduring employment opportunities in the growing outer suburbs of our major capital cities


Antarctica: Science, Policy and Presence


Objective: To advance Australia's strategic, scientific, environmental and economic interests in the Antarctic through the Australian Antarctic Science Grants program


Water Reform


Objectives: To support government and non-government partners to promote adaptation to climate change, wise water use, secure water supplies, and to improve the health of rivers, waterways and freshwater ecosystems, and to support Australian expertise


Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program


Objectives: To provide funding for rural water infrastructure, management and efficiency, to develop a transparent water market, to improve broader wetlands, river and freshwater ecosystems' health outcomes and to improve knowledge of river systems


Water Smart Australia


Objectives: To accelerate the development and uptake of smart technologies and practices in water use across Australia and to advance the implementation of the National Water Initiative


National Urban Water and Desalination Plan


Objective: To provide funding for desalination, water recycling and stormwater harvesting projects in Australian cities


National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns


Objective: To provide funding for practical projects that save water and reduce water losses in cities and towns with populations of less than 50,000


Commonwealth Contribution under the Murray Darling Basin Agreement


Objective: To deliver governance and operational reforms for the integrated management of water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin


Restoring the Balance in the Basin


Objectives: To purchase water entitlements for environmental use and to undertake other measures to ensure that diversions from the Murray-Darling Basin are environmentally sustainable


Science-Based Framework for Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining Impacts on Water


Objectives: To improve community confidence in decision making of the impacts of coal seam gas and coal mining developments on water resources


Conservation of Australia's Heritage and Environment


Objective: To conserve natural, Indigenous and historic heritage, threatened species and ecological communities, and internationally-traded flora and fauna and related biodiversity consistent with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and international obligations


Sustainable Australia--Sustainable Regional Development


Objectives: To support the development of sustainability plans for regional and coastal high-growth centres by State and local governments


Commonwealth Environmental Water


Objective: To protect and restore environmental water assets through the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water


Destruction of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases


Objective: To fund an incentive program for the destruction of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases in order to assist in meeting Australia's obligations under the following international agreements:

(a) the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer;

(b) the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer;

(c) the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change;

(d) the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


                       Department of the Treasury


Department of the Treasury


Objective: To provide grant funding to monitor and assess economic conditions and prospects, to enhance macroeconomic policy and related research, and to ensure well-functioning markets


Payments to International Financial Institutions


Objective: To provide payments to international financial institutions to facilitate the achievement of government objectives in international forums


                       Australian Taxation Office


Australian Taxation Office


Objective: To make payments to OECD Tax Administration initiatives and the Legal Institute, and to encourage community participation in the tax system through sponsorship and mentoring arrangements


                       Department of Defence


Support for Defence personnel, their families and local communities


Objective: To support Australian Defence Force personnel and their families, including through family support groups, information services, services to support children, services to support defence spouses, educational assistance and other activities to support local communities


Locations of significance for the Australian Defence Force


Objective: To enable and continue recognition of Australian Defence Force actions overseas, including through payments to support groups for local communities


Indigenous Australians and the Australian Defence Force


Objective: To recognise the contribution of Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders to the Australian Defence Force through payments for research and other purposes


Defence research and policy


Objective: To research, record and support the Australian Defence Force through assistance for research, studies and independent policy work in military, justice, diplomacy, strategic defence policy, national security and related fields. This includes the commissioning of research, exchange programs, funding research positions and scholarships, fostering future leaders, related study and promoting academic work


                       Defence Materiel Organisation


Training for defence industry and businesses that serve the defence industry


Objective: To support skilling Australian defence industry employers and employees through payments for commercially provided training, on the job training, and university/vocational education and training opportunities in disciplines relevant to defence industry capacity


Defence apprenticeships


Objective: To support apprenticeships in key areas and provide adequate supervision of apprentices working in defence industry


Key defence capabilities


Objective: To ensure maintenance of key capabilities within defence industry including funding positions and strategic business activities


                       Department of Veterans' Affairs


Repayments of maintenance deductions


Objective: To provide for the discharge of legal obligations in regards of the probate of deceased veterans' estates where that veteran had the Department act on their behalf to deduct amounts from their payments to ensure their maintenance in an institution


Payments to Ex-Service Organisations (BEST & TIP)


Objective: To deliver assistance to the Ex-Service Organisations(ESO) community through Building Excellence in Support and Training (BEST) grants and funding the Training and Information Program (TIP)


Veterans' Access to Community Information


Objective: To support agencies that provide information services to veterans in regional Australia




Objective: To assist national Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) with administration costs on DVA associated business undertaken on behalf of the veteran community


Community Care Grants


Objective: To assist eligible organisations to develop projects for the veteran community that support a healthy quality lifestyle, reduce social isolation and provide access to community services


Joint Venture Grants


Objective: To provide funding to assist in the support of activities and services that sustain and/or enhance the health and well-being of veterans and their carers


Joint Venture Day Clubs


Objective: To contribute to Day Clubs that provide social and recreational activities for veterans, their spouses, war widows/widowers and any other members of the community


Joint Venture Home Maintenance


Objective: To contribute to the Veterans' Home Maintenance Line (VHML), a toll-free telephone service that provides advice on general property maintenance matters and referral to local reliable and efficient tradespeople


Counselling support and children's assistance


Objective: To provide a wide range of mental and allied health care services, including counselling and referral services for veterans, their families and children


Health and medical research


Objective: To contribute funding for research into mental and health care issues specific to veterans, war widows and widowers, serving members, former Defence Force members and their families


Veterans' commemorative activities


Objective: To provide for the acknowledgement and commemoration of the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations


Gallipoli-related activities


Objective: To coordinate and manage the delivery of annual commemorative and related activities at Gallipoli


War Graves Care and Maintenance


Objective: To provide for the acknowledgement and commemoration of the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations


Office of Australian War Graves--refurbishment, reconstruction and relations


Objective: To provide for the acknowledgement and commemoration of the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations


Compensation and legal expenses


Objective: To assist in funding legal services to support the delivery of the Department's programs


F111 Payments


Objective: To provide payments to eligible De-seal re-seal participants


                       Australian Public Service Commission


Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)


Objective: To provide funding for ANZSOG's development and administration

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