Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Promoting the main purpose

                   The court must apply these Rules to promote the main purpose, and actively manage each case by:

                     (a)  encouraging and helping parties to consider and use a dispute resolution method rather than having the case resolved by trial;

                     (b)  having regard to unresolved risks or other concerns about the welfare of a child involved;

                     (c)  identifying the issues in dispute early in the case and separating and disposing of any issues that do not need full investigation and trial;

                     (d)  at an early stage, identifying and matching types of cases to the most appropriate case management procedure;

                     (e)  setting realistic timetables, and monitoring and controlling the progress of each case;

                      (f)  ensuring that parties and their lawyers comply with these Rules, any practice directions and procedural orders;

                     (g)  considering whether the likely benefits of taking a step justify the cost of that step;

                     (h)  dealing with as many aspects of the case as possible on the same occasion;

                      (i)  minimising the need for parties and their lawyers to attend court by, if appropriate, relying on documents; and

                      (j)  having regard to any barriers to a party's understanding of anything relevant to the case.

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