Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Notes, examples etc

             (1)  The following are explanatory only and are not part of these Rules:

                     (a)  chapter summaries;

                     (b)  examples;

                     (c)  flow charts;

                     (d)  notes.

             (2)  The explanatory guide at the end of these Rules is not part of these Rules and is not to be used in interpreting these Rules.

Note 1:       See section 13 and paragraph 15AB(2)(a) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 .

Note 2:       In interpreting these Rules:

Specific prevails over the general

In these Rules, if there is a conflict between a general rule and a specific rule, the specific rule prevails.

Use of 'and' and 'or' between paragraphs etc

A series of paragraphs may be joined by the word and or or , which will appear between the last 2 paragraphs only. The series is to be read as if the same word appears between each paragraph in the series--for example:

(1)        This is:

(a) a paragraph;

(b) another paragraph; and

(c) yet another paragraph.


(2)        This is:

(a) a paragraph;

(b) another paragraph; or

(c) yet another paragraph.

If the paragraphs are to be read as a list, the words and or or are not used--for example:

(3)        A provision may include the following:

(a) a paragraph;

(b) another paragraph;

(c) yet another paragraph.

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