Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Request to admit

             (1)  A party may, by serving a Notice to Admit on another party, ask the other party to admit, for the purposes of the case only, that a fact is true or that a document is genuine.

             (2)  A Notice to Admit must include a note to the effect that, under subrule 11.08(2), failure to serve a Notice Disputing a Fact or Document will result in the party being taken to have admitted that the fact is true or the document is genuine.

             (3)  If a Notice to Admit mentions a document, the party serving the Notice must attach a copy of the document to the notice, unless:

                     (a)  the other party has a copy of the document; or

                     (b)  it is not practicable to attach the copy to the Notice.

             (4)  If paragraph (3)(b) applies, the party must:

                     (a)  in the Notice:

                              (i)  identify the document; and

                             (ii)  specify a convenient place and time at which the document may be inspected; and

                     (b)  produce the document for inspection at the specified place and time.

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