Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Party's attendance

             (1)  A party and the party's lawyer (if any) must attend each procedural hearing, case assessment conference or conciliation conference.

             (2)  Subrule (1) does not apply if the parties are seeking a consent order that will finally dispose of the case.

Note 1:       A request under rule 5.14 for an application to be determined in the absence of the parties does not apply to a court event mentioned in Chapter 12 because rule 5.14 applies only to interim, procedural or enforcement orders.

Note 2:       If, at a court event mentioned in subrule (1), the parties intend to seek a consent order that will finally dispose of the case, a party or the party's lawyer may be excused from attending the event.

Note 3:       A lawyer attending a court event for a party must be familiar with the case and authorised to deal with any issue in the case (see subrule 1.08(3)).

Note 4:       Rule 16.02 deals with compliance checks.

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