Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Application for Anton Piller order

             (1)  A party may apply for an Anton Piller order:

                     (a)  requiring a respondent to permit the applicant, alone or with another person, to enter the respondent's premises and inspect or seize documents or other property;

                     (b)  requiring the respondent to disclose specific information relevant to the case; and

                     (c)  restraining the respondent, for a specified period of no more than 7 days, from informing anyone else (other than the respondent's lawyer) that the order has been made.

             (2)  The applicant may apply for an Anton Piller order without notice to the respondent.

             (3)  An application for an Anton Piller order must be supported by an affidavit that includes:

                     (a)  a description of the document or property to be seized or inspected;

                     (b)  the address of the premises where the order is to be carried out;

                     (c)  the reason the applicant believes the respondent may remove, destroy or alter the document or property unless the order is made;

                     (d)  a statement about the damage the applicant is likely to suffer if the order is not made;

                     (e)  a statement about the value of the property to be seized; and

                      (f)  if permission is granted, the name of the person (if any) who the applicant wishes to accompany the applicant to the respondent's premises.

Note:          For the procedure for making an application for interim, procedural, ancillary or other incidental orders, see Chapter 5.

             (4)  If an Anton Piller order is made, the applicant must serve a copy of it on the respondent when the order is acted on.

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