Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Compliance with subpoena

             (1)  A named person may comply with a subpoena for production by providing to the court, at the place specified in the subpoena, on or before the day on which production in accordance with the subpoena is required:

                     (a)  the required documents and a copy of the subpoena; or

                     (b)  copies of the required documents attached to an affidavit.

             (2)  For paragraph (1)(b), the affidavit must:

                     (a)  state that is it an affidavit under rule 15.29;

                     (b)  have attached to it a copy of the subpoena for production;

                     (c)  verify the attached copies as accurate copies of the original documents mentioned in the subpoena; and

                     (d)  be sworn by the named person.

             (3)  The named person, when complying with the subpoena for production, must inform the Registry Manager in writing about whether:

                     (a)  the documents referred to in the subpoena are to be returned to the named person; or

                     (b)  the Registry Manager is authorised to dispose of the documents when they are no longer required by the court.

             (4)  In this rule:

"copy " includes:

                     (a)  a photocopy; and

                     (b)  a copy in an electronic format that is approved by the Registry Manager, and is capable of being printed in the form in which it was created without any loss of content.

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