Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Form of expert's report

             (1)  An expert's report must:

                     (a)  be addressed to the court and the party instructing the expert witness;

                     (b)  have attached to it a summary of the instructions given to the expert witness and a list of any documents relied on in preparing the report; and

                     (c)  be verified by an affidavit of the expert witness.

             (2)  The affidavit verifying the expert's report must state the following:

                            'I have made all the inquiries I believe are necessary and appropriate and to my knowledge there have not been any relevant matters omitted from this report, except as otherwise specifically stated in this report.

                            I believe that the facts within my knowledge that have been stated in this report are true.

                            The opinions I have expressed in this report are independent and impartial.

                            I have read and understand Divisions 15.5.4, 15.5.5 and 15.5.6 of the Family Law Rules 2004 and have used my best endeavours to comply with them.

                            I have complied with the requirements of the following professional codes of conduct or protocol, being [ state the name of the code or protocol ].

                            I understand my duty to the court and I have complied with it and will continue to do so.'.

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