Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Contents of expert's report

                   An expert's report must:

                     (a)  state the reasons for the expert witness's conclusions;

                     (b)  include a statement about the methodology used in the production of the report; and

                     (c)  include the following in support of the expert witness's conclusions:

                              (i)  the expert witness's qualifications;

                             (ii)  the literature or other material used in making the report;

                            (iii)  the relevant facts, matters and assumptions on which the opinions in the report are based;

                            (iv)  a statement about the facts in the report that are within the expert witness's knowledge;

                             (v)  details about any tests, experiments, examinations or investigations relied on by the expert witness and, if they were carried out by another person, details of that person's qualifications and experience;

                            (vi)  if there is a range of opinion on the matters dealt with in the report--a summary of the range of opinion and the basis for the expert witness's opinion;

                           (vii)  a summary of the conclusions reached;

                          (viii)  if necessary, a disclosure that:

                                        (A)  a particular question or issue falls outside the expert witness's expertise;

                                        (B)  the report may be incomplete or inaccurate without some qualification and the details of any qualification; or

                                        (C)  the expert witness's opinion is not a concluded opinion because further research or data is required or because of any other reason.

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