Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Lawyer's itemised costs account

             (1)  An itemised costs account (the account ) must specify each item of costs and expense claimed.

             (2)  Each item specified in the account must be numbered and described in sufficient detail to enable the account to be assessed.

             (3)  The account must set out, in columns across the page, the following information:

                     (a)  in relation to each item for which costs are payable:

                              (i)  the date when the item occurred;

                             (ii)  a description of the item, including whether the work was done by a lawyer or an employee or agent of a lawyer;

                            (iii)  the amount payable for the item;

                     (b)  at the end of the column setting out the amount payable--the total amount payable for the items.

             (4)  For each expense claimed, the account must include:

                     (a)  the date when the expense was incurred;

                     (b)  the name of the person to whom the expense was paid;

                     (c)  the nature of the expense; and

                     (d)  the amount paid.

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