Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Orders for real property

          (1A)  This rule applies to real property in relation to which:

                     (a)  an Enforcement Warrant has been requested or issued; or

                     (b)  an enforcement order for seizure and sale has been applied for or made.

             (1)  A payee, payer or enforcement officer may apply for an order:

                     (a)  that the real property be transferred or assigned to a trustee;

                     (b)  that a party sign all documents necessary for the transfer or assignment;

                     (c)  in aid of or relating to the sale of the real property, including an order:

                              (i)  about the possession or occupancy of the real property until its sale;

                             (ii)  specifying the kind of sale, whether by contract conditional on approval of the court, private sale, tender or auction;

                            (iii)  setting a minimum price;

                            (iv)  requiring payment of the purchase price to a trustee;

                             (v)  settling the particulars and conditions of sale;

                            (vi)  for obtaining evidence of value; and

                           (vii)  specifying the remuneration to be allowed to an auctioneer, estate agent, trustee or other person;

                     (d)  about the disposition of the proceeds of the sale of the real property; or

                     (e)  in relation to the reasonable fees and expenses of the enforcement.

Note:          An application under subrule (1) must be in an Application in a Case (see rule 5.01).

             (2)  The court may hear an application under subrule (1) in chambers, in the absence of the parties, on the documents filed.

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