Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Order relating to sequestration

             (1)  This rule applies if any of the following people apply to the court for an order relating to a sequestration order:

                     (a)  a party to the sequestration order;

                     (b)  a creditor of the payer;

                     (c)  the Marshal;

                     (d)  a person whose interests are affected by an act or omission of, or decision made by, the sequestrator.

             (2)  The court may order:

                     (a)  the sequestrator, or any other person associated with the sequestration, to attend to be orally examined;

                     (b)  the sequestrator to do or not do something; or

                     (c)  the sequestrator to be removed from office.

Note:          An application under subrule (1) must be in an Application in a Case and filed with an affidavit (see rules 5.01 and 5.02).

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