Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Form of appeal books

             (1)  Each volume of the appeal books must have:

                     (a)  a title page stating:

                              (i)  the names of the parties to the appeal;

                             (ii)  the court where the order appealed from was made; and

                            (iii)  the address for service of each party; and

                     (b)  an index stating the documents included in the appeal books, and the date and page number of each document.

             (2)  The appeal books must include a certificate signed by the person who prepared them, certifying that the books have been prepared in accordance with these Rules and the orders made at the procedural hearing.

             (3)  The documents in the appeal books must be arranged in the following order:

                     (a)  the Notice of Appeal;

                     (b)  the order appealed from;

                     (c)  reasons for judgment;

                     (d)  any relevant previous or subsequent order;

                     (e)  each relevant application;

                      (f)  any relevant response;

                    (fa)  any notice of contention;

                    (fb)  any submitting notice;

                     (g)  relevant affidavits;

                     (h)  any family or expert report received in evidence in the case that is relevant to the appeal;

                      (i)  a list of exhibits and each relevant exhibit (if practicable);

                      (j)  the relevant parts of the transcript;

                     (k)  if the appeal involves a challenge to the exclusion of evidence--the document that is the subject of the challenge.

             (4)  The pages of the appeal books, including the transcript, must be numbered consecutively.

             (5)  The appeal books must be securely fastened to make 1 or more volumes, each of which is no more than 25 mm thick.

             (6)  Each page in an appeal book must comply with the requirements for documents mentioned in subrule 24.01(1).

Note:          The Regional Appeal Registrar may refuse to accept the books for filing if they do not comply with these Rules or an order.

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