Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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             (1)  The Registry Manager must take charge of every exhibit.

             (2)  The list of exhibits is part of the court record.

             (3)  A court may direct that an exhibit be:

                     (a)  kept in the court;

                     (b)  returned to the person who produced it; or

                     (c)  disposed of in an appropriate manner.

             (4)  A party who tenders an exhibit into evidence must collect the exhibit from the Registry Manager at least 28 days, and no later than 42 days, after the final determination of the application or appeal (if any).

             (5)  Subrule (4) does not apply to a document produced by a person as required by a subpoena for production.

Note:          For the return of a document produced in compliance with a subpoena, see rule 15.35.



Summary of Chapter 25

Chapter 25 sets out the procedure for a case started in or transferred to a Family Court under the Corporations Act 2001 or the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 .

The rules in Chapter 1 relating to the court's general powers apply in all cases and override all other provisions in these Rules.

A word or expression used in this Chapter may be defined in the dictionary at the end of these Rules.

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