Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Application for suppression or non-publication order

                   An applicant for an order to suppress publication of a judgment must file an affidavit that sets out evidence relating to the following:

                     (a)  the public interest in suppressing or not suppressing publication;

                     (b)  why further anonymisation of the judgment would not be sufficient;

                     (c)  whether publication of the entire judgment should be suppressed or only part of the judgment;

                     (d)  whether publication should be suppressed in one medium or in all media;

                     (e)  whether a summary of the judgment should be made publicly available if publication of the judgement is suppressed;

                      (f)  one or more of the grounds, mentioned in subsection 102PF(1) of the Act, on which the application is made.

Note:          The Court anonymises all judgments in accordance with the requirements of section 121 of the Act.

Summary of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 sets out who are the necessary parties to a case and how a person becomes, or ceases to be, a party or a case guardian.

The rules in Chapter 1 relating to the court's general powers apply in all cases and override all other provisions in these Rules.

A word or expression used in this Chapter may be defined in the dictionary at the end of these Rules.


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