Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Conduct of case by case guardian

             (1)  A person appointed as the case guardian of a party:

                     (a)  is bound by these Rules;

                     (b)  must do anything required by these Rules to be done by the party;

                     (c)  may, for the benefit of the party, do anything permitted by these Rules to be done by the party; and

                     (d)  if seeking a consent order (other than an order relating to practice or procedure), must file an affidavit setting out the facts relied on to satisfy the court that the order is in the party's best interests.

             (2)  The duty of disclosure applies to a case guardian for a child and a person with a disability.

Note 1:       The court may order a case guardian to pay costs.

Note 2:       Rule 13.01 sets out the elements of the duty of disclosure.

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