Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Constitution of ISAC

             (1)  An ISAC must comprise:

                     (a)  a Convenor nominated by the Merit Protection Commissioner; and

                     (b)  a person nominated by the relevant Agency Head; and

                     (c)  an APS employee nominated by the Merit Protection Commissioner.

             (2)  The Merit Protection Commissioner must be satisfied that the APS employee nominated under paragraph (1)(c) has the skills and personal qualities necessary to undertake his or her role independently and impartially.

             (3)  The APS employee nominated under paragraph (1)(c) must be made available for the purposes of the ISAC, subject to the operational efficiency of the Agency in which he or she is employed.

             (4)  If a member of an ISAC ceases to act as a member before the ISAC has made its recommendation to the relevant Agency Head, the ISAC is to be reconstituted by the remaining members and another member nominated in accordance with subregulation (1).

             (5)  The reconstituted ISAC must have regard to matters put before, or decided by, the ISAC as previously constituted.

             (6)  A person is not subject to direction in carrying out his or her duties as a member of an ISAC, except:

                     (a)  by a Court; or

                     (b)  by instructions issued under regulation 4.5.

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