Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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ISAC procedures--Merit Protection Commissioner's instructions

             (1)  The Merit Protection Commissioner must, as soon as practicable after the commencement of this regulation, issue instructions about the procedures to be followed by an ISAC in performing its functions under this Part.

          (1A)  The Merit Protection Commissioner may issue instructions, in writing, about the procedures to be followed by an Agency Head who is appointed, under subregulation 4.7(1B), to act on behalf of an ISAC in performing the functions of the ISAC under this Part.

             (2)  The instructions must not be inconsistent with the Act, these Regulations or the Commissioner's Directions.

             (3)  An ISAC, or an Agency Head appointed under subregulation 4.7(1B) to act on behalf of an ISAC, must comply with the instructions.

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