Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Review of actions of statutory office holders who are not Agency Heads

             (1)  A non-SES employee may apply to the Merit Protection Commissioner for review of an action of a statutory office holder that:

                     (a)  relates to the employee's APS employment; and

                     (b)  is not termination of the employee's employment; and

                     (c)  if the statutory office holder were an Agency Head, would be reviewable action for Division 5.3.

             (2)  The Merit Protection Commissioner may, by written notice given to the statutory office holder, require the statutory office holder to give the Merit Protection Commissioner:

                     (a)  a report about the action; and

                     (b)  other stated information or documents relevant to the review.

             (3)  The statutory office holder must give the report and other information or documents in the way, and at or within the time, stated in the notice.

             (4)  The Merit Protection Commissioner must:

                     (a)  review the action; and

                     (b)  make a recommendation to the statutory office holder in writing about the action; and

                     (c)  tell the statutory office holder in writing of the reasons for the recommendation; and

                     (d)  tell the employee in writing of the recommendation and reasons given to the statutory office holder.

             (5)  If the Merit Protection Commissioner is not satisfied with the statutory office holder's response to the Merit Protection Commissioner's recommendation, the Merit Protection Commissioner may give a report on the matter to the relevant Agency Minister.

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