Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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             (1)  In this Part:

"debtor" means a Secretary, a Head of an Executive Agency, or an APS employee who owes a judgment debt.

"net salary" has the meaning given by subregulation (2).

"paying officer" , in relation to a debtor, means a person appointed under regulation 8A.4 who is responsible for dealing with the debtor.

"total gross salary" has the meaning given by subregulation (3).

             (2)  The net salary of a debtor is the debtor's total gross salary, less any amount to be deducted:

                     (a)  to pay income tax; or

                     (b)  to pay child support in accordance with the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 ; or

                     (c)  as a contribution that:

                              (i)  the debtor is required to make to a superannuation fund relating to the debtor's engagement in the Agency; and

                             (ii)  is the minimum amount required by law or the rules of the fund.

             (3)  The total gross salary of a debtor is the amount of:

                     (a)  the debtor's gross salary as a Secretary, a Head of an Executive Agency or an APS employee (not including any payment of compensation under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 ); and

                     (b)  the allowances, in the nature of salary, that are paid regularly to the debtor;

without any reduction for salary sacrifice arrangements or other arrangements with a similar purpose.

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