Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Move to another Agency

             (1)  If a debtor moves from an Agency ( Agency 1 ) to another Agency ( Agency 2 ), the debtor's paying officer in Agency 1 must notify the Agency Head of Agency 2 of:

                     (a)  the existence of each judgment debt against the debtor; and

                     (b)  the arrangements in Agency 1 for making deductions from the debtor's salary; and

                     (c)  any deductions made for the purposes of each of those judgment debts.

             (2)  If more than 1 judgment debt exists against the debtor:

                     (a)  the debtor's paying officer in Agency 1 must advise the Agency Head of the order in which the judgment debts were to have been dealt with in accordance with regulation 8A.7; and

                     (b)  the paying officer who is appointed in Agency 2 in relation to the debtor must deal with the judgment debts in that order.

             (3)  The paying officer in Agency 2 is taken:

                     (a)  to have received the statutory declaration, and copy of the judgment, mentioned in regulation 8A.5; and

                     (b)  to have received the fee (if any) required under regulation 8A.6; and

                     (c)  to have given to the debtor any notice that was given, in respect of the debtor, by a paying officer in another Agency.

             (4)  The paying officer in Agency 2 must notify the judgment creditor of the move, and the deductions that the paying officer will make.

             (5)  The judgment creditor is not required to pay another fee for the making of deductions.

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