Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Filing of notice of intention to defend

             (1)  The IRDA holder must file a notice of intention to defend within one month from the day the Registrar notifies the International Bureau under subregulation 17A.32(2).

             (2)  The holder must file an Australian or New Zealand address for service with the notice.

             (3)  The Registrar must give a copy of the notice to the opponent.

             (4)  If the holder does not file the notice within the period mentioned in subregulation (1) or that period as extended, the Registrar may decide to:

                     (a)  take the opposition to have succeeded; and

                     (b)  refuse protection to the holder.

             (5)  The Registrar is not required to take any action in response to a notice of intention to defend filed under subregulation (1) unless the holder has notified the Registrar, in writing, of the holder's address for service in Australia or New Zealand.

             (6)  A requirement to:

                     (a)  give a document to a person; or

                     (b)  give a person an opportunity to make written representations or to be heard;

does not apply if no address for service of the person is recorded in the Record of International Registrations.

             (7)  The Registrar must notify the parties of the Registrar's decision.

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