Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Maintaining registration and removing and restoring name to Register of Trade Marks Attorneys

                   Parts 5, 6 and 7 of Chapter 20 of the Patents Regulations 1991 apply to a trade marks attorney in its application to the registration of a trade marks attorney under this Part as if:

                     (a)  references to 'patent attorney' were references to 'trade marks attorney'; and

                     (b)  references to the 'Register of Patent Attorneys' were references to the 'Register of Trade Marks Attorneys'; and

                     (c)  references to 'trade marks attorney' were references to 'patent attorney'; and

                     (d)  the reference in paragraph 20.22(1)(a) of the Patents Regulations 1991 to 'item 105 or 106 of Schedule 7' were a reference to 'item 29 or 30 of Schedule 9'; and

                      (f)  the reference in regulations 20.29, 20.30 and 20.31 of the Patents Regulations 1991 to 'item 107 of Schedule 7' were a reference to 'item 31 of Schedule 9'.

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