Commonwealth Numbered Acts

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Notice of meetings of members to members and directors

Notice to members and directors individually

(1) Written notice of a meeting of a company's members must be given individually to each member entitled to vote at the meeting and to each director. Notice need only be given to 1 member of a joint membership.

Notice to joint members (replaceable rule—see section 135)

(2) Notice to joint members must be given to the joint member named first in the register of members.

How notice is given

(3) A company may give the notice of meeting to a member:

personally; or

by sending it by post to the address for the member in the register of members or the alternative address (if any) nominated by the member; or

by sending it to the fax number or electronic address (if any) nominated by the member; or

by any other means that the company's constitution (if any) permits.

Note: A defect in the notice given may not invalidate a meeting (see section 1322).

When notice by post or fax is given (replaceable rule—see section 135)

(4) A notice of meeting sent by post is taken to be given 3 days after it is posted. A notice of meeting sent by fax, or other electronic means, is taken to be given on the business day after it is sent.

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