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CORPORATIONS ACT 2001 No. 50, 2001 - SECT 348

Contents of annual return—companies

A company's annual return must contain the information set out in the following table, current as at the date when the annual return is signed or authenticated. It must also contain any other information required by the regulations.

Contents of annual return—companies [operative table]
2 name
3 address of registered office
4 address of principal place of business in this jurisdiction
5 each director and company secretary * name and address * date and place of birth. The address must be the person's usual residential address. However, if the person is entitled to have an alternative address under subsection 205D(2), the annual return may contain that address.
6 issued shares The classes into which the shares are divided and for each class of share issued: * the number of shares in the class * the total amount paid up for the class * the total amount unpaid for the class.
7 options granted The number of unissued shares in each class that are subject to options.
8 all members (if company has 20 or fewer members) OR the top 20 members in each class (if company has more than 20 members) The requirement to list the top 20 members does not apply to a company limited only by guarantee. * the names and addresses of the members If the company has a share capital: * the total number of shares in each class held by each of them * whether or not the shares are fully paid * unless the company is a listed corporation—whether or not the shares are beneficially owned. If 2 or more members in the top 20 members in a class of shares each hold the same number of shares, the company must include the details set out above for each of them.
9 company solvency Not necessary if company lodged a financial report with ASIC within last 12 months. Statement whether the directors have resolved within the last month under section 346 that, in their opinion, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the company will be able to pay its debts as and when they become due and payable.
10 ultimate holding company * name either: * its ACN or ARBN if registered in this jurisdiction OR * the place at which it was incorporated or formed if not registered in this jurisdiction.
Note: If the details referred to in items 3, 4, 5 and 6 change after the annual return is lodged, the company must notify ASIC of the change (see section 142 (registered office), section 146 (principal place of business), section 205B (director and company secretary) and section 254X (issued shares)).

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