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CORPORATIONS ACT 2001 No. 50, 2001 - SECT 712

Prospectus content—short form prospectuses

Prospectus may simply refer to material lodged with ASIC

(1) Instead of setting out information that is contained in a document that has been lodged with ASIC, a prospectus may simply refer to the document. The reference must:

identify the document or the part of the document that contains the information; and

inform people of their right to obtain a copy of the document (or part) under subsection (5).

(2) The reference must also include:

if the information is primarily of interest to professional analysts or advisers or investors with similar specialist information needs:

a description of the contents of the document (or part); and
a statement to the effect that the information in the document (or part) is primarily of interest to those people; or
in any other case—sufficient information about the contents of the document to allow a person to whom the offer is made to decide whether to obtain a copy of the document (or part).

(3) The document (or part) referred to under subsection (1) is taken to be included in the prospectus. (4) A person who wishes to take advantage of subsection (1) may lodge a document with ASIC even if this Act does not require the document to be lodged. (5) If the prospectus is taken to include a document, or part of a document, under subsection (1), the person making the offer must give a copy of the document (or part) free of charge to anyone who asks for it during the application period of the prospectus.

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