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CORPORATIONS ACT 2001 No. 50, 2001 - SECT 909

Rights of innocent partner in relation to fund

(1) Where all persons who have submitted claims under section 908 have been fully compensated in accordance with the provisions of this Part for pecuniary loss as referred to in subsection 907(1) suffered in relation to money or other property entrusted to or received by a partner in a member firm recognised by a securities exchange, any other partner in that firm who has made payment to a person in compensation for loss suffered by that person in relation to that money or property is subrogated to the extent of that payment to all the rights and remedies of that person against the fidelity fund if the board, having regard to all the circumstances, determines that the partner was in no way a party to the loss and acted honestly and reasonably in the matter. (2) If a partner in a member firm feels aggrieved by the determination of a board under subsection (1), the partner may, within 28 days after receiving notice of the determination, appeal to the Court against the determination by lodging a notice of appeal in the prescribed form. (3) The appellant must, on the day on which notice of appeal is lodged with the Court, lodge a copy of the notice with the securities exchange. (4) The Court must inquire into and decide upon the appeal and, for that purpose, may do all such matters and things, and may do those matters and things in the same way and to the same extent, as it is empowered to do in the exercise of its ordinary jurisdiction. (5) Without limiting the generality of subsection (4), if the Court is of opinion having regard to all the circumstances that the appellant was not a party to the defalcation or fraudulent misuse of securities or documents of title to the securities or of other property from which the pecuniary loss arose and acted honestly and reasonably in the matter, it may order that the appellant is to be, to the extent of any payment made by the appellant, subrogated to the rights and remedies, in relation to the fidelity fund of the relevant securities exchange, of the person to whom the appellant made such a payment.

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