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CORPORATIONS ACT 2001 No. 50, 2001 - SECT 954C

Effect of using a transfer delivery service


under a guaranteed securities loan, or under a replacement agreement in relation to a guaranteed securities loan that has been novated, a person or partnership is obliged to transfer securities of a particular kind to, or as directed by, another person or partnership; and

for the purpose of wholly or partly discharging the obligation, the first-mentioned person or partnership:

elects, in accordance with the transfer delivery service provisions of a settlement authority, to bring about a transfer of a particular number of securities of that kind to, or as directed by, the other person or partnership by the means provided for in those provisions; and
for the purpose of so bringing about that transfer, transfers that number of securities of that kind to the TDS nominee;
then, for the purposes of the application of this Division in relation to the guaranteed securities loan, the obligations of the first-mentioned person or partnership to transfer securities under the loan are taken to be discharged, to the extent of that number of securities of that kind, by the transfer of securities to the TDS nominee.

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