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FAIR WORK ACT 2009 (NO. 28, 2009) - SECT 163

Special criteria relating to changing coverage of modern awards

Special rule about reducing coverage

             (1)  FWA must not make a determination varying a modern award so that certain employers or employees stop being covered by the award unless FWA is satisfied that they will instead become covered by another modern award (other than the miscellaneous modern award) that is appropriate for them.

Special rule about making a modern award

             (2)  FWA must not make a modern award covering certain employers or employees unless FWA has considered whether it should, instead, make a determination varying an existing modern award to cover them.

Special rule about covering organisations

             (3)  FWA must not make a modern award, or make a determination varying a modern award, so that an organisation becomes covered by the award, unless the organisation is entitled to represent the industrial interests of one or more employers or employees who are or will be covered by the award.

The miscellaneous modern award

             (4)  The miscellaneous modern award is the modern award that is expressed to cover employees who are not covered by any other modern award.

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