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FAIR WORK ACT 2009 (NO. 28, 2009) - SECT 27

State and Territory laws that are not excluded by section 26

          (1A)  Section 26 does not apply to any of the following laws:

                     (a)  the Anti‑Discrimination Act 1977 of New South Wales;

                     (b)  the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 of Victoria;

                     (c)  the Anti‑ Discrimination Act 1991 of Queensland;

                     (d)  the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 of Western Australia;

                     (e)  the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 of South Australia;

                      (f)  the Anti‑Discrimination Act 1998 of Tasmania;

                     (g)  the Discrimination Act 1991 of the Australian Capital Territory;

                     (h)  the Anti‑ Discrimination Act of the Northern Territory.

             (1)  Section 26 does not apply to a law of a State or Territory so far as:

                     (b)  the law is prescribed by the regulations as a law to which section 26 does not apply; or

                     (c)  the law deals with any non‑excluded matters; or

                     (d)  the law deals with rights or remedies incidental to:

                              (i)  any matter covered by paragraph (a); or

                             (ii)  any matter dealt with by a law to which paragraph (b) applies; or

                            (iii)  any non‑excluded matters.

Note:          Examples of incidental matters covered by paragraph (d) are entry to premises for a purpose connected with workers compensation, occupational health and safety or outworkers.

             (2)  The non‑excluded matters are as follows:

                     (a)  superannuation;

                     (b)  workers compensation;

                     (c)  occupational health and safety;

                     (d)  matters relating to outworkers (within the ordinary meaning of the term);

                     (e)  child labour;

                      (f)  training arrangements, except in relation to terms and conditions of employment to the extent that those terms and conditions are provided for by the National Employment Standards or may be included in a modern award;

                     (g)  long service leave, except in relation to an employee who is entitled under Division 9 of Part 2‑2 to long service leave;

                     (h)  leave for victims of crime;

                      (i)  attendance for service on a jury, or for emergency service duties;

Note:       See also section 112 for employee entitlements in relation to engaging in eligible community service activities.

                      (j)  declaration, prescription or substitution of public holidays, except in relation to the rights and obligations of an employee or employer in relation to public holidays;

                     (k)  the following matters relating to provision of essential services or to situations of emergency:

                              (i)  directions to perform work (including to perform work at a particular time or place, or in a particular way);

                             (ii)  directions not to perform work (including not to perform work at a particular time or place, or in a particular way);

                      (l)  regulation of any of the following:

                              (i)  employee associations;

                             (ii)  employer associations;

                            (iii)  members of employee associations or of employer associations;

                    (m)  workplace surveillance;

                     (n)  business trading hours;

                     (o)  claims for enforcement of contracts of employment, except so far as the law in question provides for a matter to which paragraph 26(2)(e) applies;

                     (p)  any other matters prescribed by the regulations.

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