Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 (SLI NO 134 OF 2011) - RULE 2.43

Payment out of Litigants' Fund

         (1)   Money paid into Court under rule 2.42 may be paid out or applied only in accordance with an order of the Court.

         (2)   However, the District Registrar may pay out of the Litigants' Fund money that has been paid in as security for the costs of a taxation of a bill of costs.

Note 1      An order under this rule will state:

(a)   the details of the payment to be made; and

(b)   any other action to be taken by a Registrar in relation to the money.

Note 2      As soon as practicable after money is paid out of the Litigants' Fund, the relevant District Registrar will give a notice to each party.


Note    For the appointment of the Registrar, and of Deputy Registrars, District Registrars and Deputy District Registrars, see sections 18C and 18N of the Act.  For the powers of the Registrar, see section 18D of the Act.  Deputy Registrars, District Registrars and Deputy District Registrars have the duties, powers and functions given to them by the Act or the Chief Justice -- see this Part and sections 18N (2) and 35A of the Act .

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